Alec Lee

Life in Pastel 

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I know for sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from Alec Lee in the future.

Our favourite up-and-coming singer-songwriter has just dropped his newest EP, Life in Pastel, and let me tell you…this mixtape is FIRE.

This 4 song release from our boy Alec Lee is perfect for your summer playlist. This EP shows more of the transition from simple acoustics to clever, ear-wormy electronics. Life in Pastel is also the second installment of a 3-part release, the follow up to the 2016’s NewLifeOldFriends.

The track on this EP that had me the most excited was “I’ll Be Ready”, the album’s opening track. The song starts with a snappy and simple tune and escalates into a dance-able, very catchy chorus. Now, this is a special shout out to my OG Alec stans- let me tell you, this song has been a long time coming. This song was teased on Periscope sessions and now that it’s finally here, I’m eternally grateful.

The following track, “Can’t Live Without You”, was was released a few days prior to the EP, acting as a single. This song is more heartfelt than the first, but does not miss out on any of Lee’s classic electronic sound. However, I think the most special thing about this track is that it’s a duet with his sister Shelby. They both sound fantastic, and the longing, heartbreaking vocals truly make this a song worth coming back to over and over again.

The third song, “Found You”, is a sweet, hopeful tune that is perfect for a late night drive down the coast, worthy of back to back volume up, windows down jam sessions. The EP closes with the ballad, “Lately”, which is definitely a change in pace compared to the rest of the release. Although the track is somber and places heavy emphasis on a soft piano arrangement, it’s also refreshing. It features slightly distorted vocals which adds a smooth rhythm. It’s a perfect way to close out such a gem of a release, and I know for sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from Lee in the future.

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