For what seemed like ages, we all hoped and prayed for a return from All Time Low. After much teasing, we finally got it.

That’s right, folks! All Time Low has returned from their cave and they are back with their brand new single, “Dirty Laundry.”

This new single is most definitely a new style for All Time Low. If you would have shown me something like “Coffee Shop Soundtrack” followed by “Dirty Laundry”, I would have not thought it was the same band. However, that’s not to say the song is bad, but that it’s completely different from what we’ve seen with previous releases.

This track definitely has more of an atmospheric feel, as opposed to their more pop-punk drum beats and guitar riffs. The lyrics are fun to sing along to and it looks like a song that fans will grow to love in the future.

And also, can I say that the music video was literally awesome? I can’t be the only one who got serious Stranger Things vibes in that laundromat. Maybe All Time Low visited the Upside Down during their time off…

You heard it here- All Time Low is back and they are ready to take over the world once more.

Check out the video for Dirty Laundry here!

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