Fueled By Ramen seems very intent on amping up their roster in 2017, as All Time Low was announced as their newest addition this morning.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The band has been signed in secret for over a year now. In the age of social media, what kind of band can keep a secret that big for that long?? Kudos to them. They’re hitting the ground running with new single “Dirty Laundry”, and have wasted no time with releasing the video as well.

It’s hard to tell how everyone’s feeling about the track – it seems divided between loving the new sound and hating the pop-friendly vibe. We’re really feeling it though, more so even if we pretend it’s a new band (we seriously miss Nothing Personal). They’ve been working towards a more radio friendly sound for years now, so this natural progression was no shock to us and we’re excited to see where it leads.

All Time Low has jumped labels a few times in the last few years, going from Hopeless to Interscope and back to Hopeless again. From what we read in Alex’s statement, it seems like the band has really loved Fueled By Ramen for a loooooong time (like 10+ years “long time”) so we can only imagine how exciting this is for them. We hope they find a loving home at FBR!

Check out the video for “Dirty Laundry” below.

What do you think of all this All Time Low news?

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