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Dan Luke & The Raid released the video for their debut single “Black Cat Heavy Metal” earlier this week.

“Black Cat Heavy Metal” is heavy on the bass, light on the drums and delivers a retro sound that you have to clap along to. The video for the tune syncs perfectly with the chill vibe. In the video, you’ll catch the band party hopping and enjoying good times with friends.

Although the bass and drums sound great on the song, guitarist Patrick Stewart also deserves appreciation. Towards the end of the song, Patrick delivers a noisy yet gentle guitar solo that compliments the ’70s vibe the song had given off since the start. The guitar solo gives “Black Cat Heavy Metal” the something it didn’t even know it needed.

The frontman of Dan Luke & The Raid is Dan Shultz. Does that last name ring a bell? Rock n’ roll clearly flows through Dan’s blood as he’s the little brother of Matt and Brad Shultz of Cage The Elephant.

Along with obvious praise from Cage The Elephant, a slew of other bands have taken note of the debut single. FIDLAR, Grouplove and Portugal. The Man all took to Twitter to share the song and praise the band. No big deal, right?

According to EW, the band is planning to release their debut EP later this summer. They’re also working on their first full-length album. To say they’re busy would be an understatement.

Thankfully, Dan Luke & The Raid aren’t too busy to head out on the road. The quartet is joining UK-based songwriter Declan McKenna on his tour.

With the support of big name bands, a quick tour, and an EP in the works, the future of Dan Luke & The Raid looks promising. Check out the video for “Black Cat Heavy Metal” and tour dates below.

Are you diggin’ the new track?

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British rock duo Royal Blood has shared “Hook, Line & Sinker” off their forthcoming album, How Did We Get So Dark?

“Hook, Line & Sinker” kicks off with a bang of whirling bass riffs and tantrum-like stomps. Royal Blood maintained their trademark thunderous sound while singing about lovers who aren’t on the same page. “I’m a slave to your addiction, your affection, and your friction”, sings bassist/singer Mike Kerr.

The music video for “Hook, Line & Sinker” was directed by Ben Lowe. Through a fish eye lens and quick cuts, the video perfectly matches the catastrophic sound of the tune while displaying the intense vibe of Royal Blood’s live shows.

Royal Blood gave fans a first taste of “Hook, Line & Sinker” when they performed the song at Reading Festival way back in the summer of 2015. The track follows previously released single, “Lights Out“.

How Did We Get So Dark? is set to release June 16 via Warner Bros.

If you’re searching for a song to get hyped to, “Hook, Line & Sinker” is the one.

Are you as stoked as we are about Royal Blood’s new music?

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Well, well, well. It seems as though Fall Out Boy has been up to something. But don’t you worry, we’ve got all the evidence!

We’re not 100% sure about what exactly FOB is dropping, but it’s coming April 27th at noon EST!! The project was originally intended to drop April 28th but Pete (bless his soul) announced they decided to move it up a day.

Let’s take it back to the beginning so we can figure out what’s really going on here.

On April 21st, Fall Out Boy sent the internet into a whirlwind with a single Instagram post. The post was a video by Maniac Entertainment Group with the message, “Chicago, please silence your cell phones at 11 am CST.” The caption of the post was a list of movie theaters in Chicago.


A post shared by Fall Out Boy (@falloutboy) on

When fans showed up at the select movie theaters, they caught this teaser.

Back to the main question, what is Fall Out Boy up to?

While the specifics still remain a mystery, there’s one major clue that hardly anyone remembers.

Last year, Pete Wentz Instagram’d a picture of Fall Out Boy’s entire discography and he managed to throw in a little hint that the next FOB album will be purple by captioning the photo, “One day we gotta make a purple one”. Hmm…what has every teaser had in common? A purple aesthetic.

Whether you’re convinced yet or not, here’s one last clue that hints toward an album.

Pete Wentz’s record label, DCD2, tweeted this yesterday. MIC DROP.

Looks like there’s a new Fall Out Boy album headed our way. Whether that album is coming our way tomorrow, that’s still unknown. The best bet would be a new song and/or music video to kick off the new purple era. Hey, Fall Out Boy! Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, but we’re ready for purple!

What do you think Fall Out Boy is teasing? New album? New song?

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