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If you’re a fan of bands like Tame Impala or old movie footage, then today’s your lucky day: Former Faces has brought us a beautiful combination of both.

Ryan Parmenter has created a soundscape that feels like a dream and a bad acid trip all at once. The bongos keep rhythm in your mind as the ethereal vocals float overhead.

Better than just a great track, it fits perfectly with its video. The song builds an uneasy feeling as we try to decipher what’s happening. And wait a second, what IS happening?! We honestly can’t confirm. Ryan used old 70’s film to put the visuals together and from what we can tell, they seem to have papier-mâché’d this woman into a demon. But everyone has those days, right?

We’ve been listening to this track on repeat – and keeping an eye out for high fashion nurses carrying craft supplies – and now we’re excited to share it with you below!

Warning: a little NSFW, very hard to explain video concept (+ naked woman) to your boss

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Photo credit: Ian Flanigan

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 It’s really easy for us to write about skills that are beneficial for musicians to have, or things every musician should do/say/think/eat… but wouldn’t you rather hear it from an actual musician? We got to speak with indie-electro artist TRACE about how she incorporates her 9-to-5 job skills into her music career. We hope you find her tips as helpful as we did. You can listen to her new track “Oh My My” below!


Before diving into music full-time almost a year and a half ago, I worked in two different careers. With a business and communications major from college and experiencing both corporate and not-so corporate working environments, it’s been useful to carry over what I’ve learned in my past into my present and future as an artist. Here are five things I’ve plucked from my 9 to 5 life into my current career as a singer/songwriter (and I hope are things you can adopt yourselves in your role as an artist).


1. Email etiquette. I’ve been so used to communicating through means of emails that I realized I at times surprised people with my prompt responses and or professionalism in the way I wrote. (And that I had a “signature” ha).  I was told once by an artist manager that she was shocked I responded to every email that was sent both to me and or concerning me. And I thought to myself, “why wouldn’t I!?” I also love emails…Oh and also sometimes saying “got it” to an email relieves A LOT of stress.
2. Grammar. Goes kind of hand in hand with emails but whether it’s through drafting them, or writing important responses, or proposals or even drafting up job descriptions, slang is a no. (Social media is another story of course). In general, holding grammar to an important degree tells the recipient you are serious about what you’re talking about, you are clear-minded with what you want to accomplish or expect and it also says you took the time to say what you really want to say.
3. Putting out fires. I feel like having had worked in intense deadline environments, I’ve experienced this motto in full: “It will get done.” I’ve learned that as long as expectations are communicated and people stick to their jobs and what they do best and that there’s an overall understanding that there are many moving parts to execute anything—a project, proposal, a track, a magazine article, etc., things will get done. Instant panicking does NO GOOD. And hurrying something will ultimately and usually be a detriment to your goal/life.
4. Boss-friend. I used to work for a friend who was also my boss. I think it took some time really understand boundaries on my end and hers as well and so I think what I took out of that was, there has to be both an understanding and acceptance of roles and a mutual respect between the parties. Every situation will look slightly different but I’ve learned when it comes down to it, It’s hard but not impossible to make sure people don’t feel left out and/or under appreciated and the only way to remedy that is constant communication. Did I mention respect?
5. Google Calendar. Ask my manager, she would say I’m obsessed with it. But organization is a major asset in any business. I used to have to meet consistently with my Editor-in-Chief, my interns, the producer, various writers, and so on and calendaring meetings or brainstorm sessions were easy and got everyone on the same page with the what, where, when and why questions. Now, I have to still touch base just as often with others but it’s now with my manager, my publicist, my business manager, etc. SO, Google Calendar has been a great tool in general. It creates a channel for a more efficient schedule and time management which I know we can all agree, in whatever industry, there isn’t enough of it, let alone cause to waste it.

What’s the most important business skill for a musician?

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If you’re a Halsey stan, yesterday was far from the first time you’ve heard reference to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, The Kingdom, or HFK. She’s been teasing this since before Badlands, and most notably ended her sold out Madison Square Garden show with “you can find me in the kingdom”.

Last night, Halsey officially announced that Hopeless Fountain Kingdom would be the name of her sophomore album, expected for release in June 2017. However, there’s a lot more that she didn’t say. A lot that we know because we love Halsey to death and track her mysterious actions with the skill of a private investigator (or anyone who’s accidentally found themselves 40 weeks deep in the Instagram account of their boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s sister).

We’re going to try and make as much sense of this as we can, but there’s…well, there’s a lot here. And she’s explained approximately none of it, so we’ve had to connect the dots Charlie Kelly style.

Charlie Kelly Analyzes Halsey's New Album Theories //

Let’s do this. Welcome to the Kingdom.

 So first off, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is a real place.

We’re starting somewhere simple because it’s going to get complicated really quickly. HFK refers to a fountain by the same name, which resides just off the Halsey Street L train stop in Brooklyn, NY.

But where is HFK in the Halsey universe?

Halsey has previously stated that Room 93 was in the Badlands. Could HFK be in the Badlands too? Or could the Badlands be in HFK?

And how exactly do the albums tie into each other?

Alright. So. Halsey talked about how there was one song on the album where she escaped the Badlands. That was Young God. She talks about the light at the end being the sun in your eyes. She’s been posting an excess of yellow and bees (but more on those in a minute) so…yellow = sunlight = Kingdom? She’s also mentioned that this album started off feeling silver but has now transitioned to gold. Related?

There’s been a lot of Twitter debate around if HFK happened before or after Badlands (if you look at it like a timeline). Is the Kingdom where she escapes to? Or is the Kingdom what Badlands was like before everything turned all post-apocalyptic?

ALSO, side note: if you’ve been here a minute, you know that Halsey wrote Room 93 about Zach. Zach Merritt was her boyfriend when she was 17. He was 24, he lived in Brooklyn on Halsey Street, he was the boy who lived behind bricks. Oh, and he owns HopelessFountainKingdom.comThis was on his Tumblr and it seems to tie in to a LOT of things: hurricane, lilac (sky), Rose (from new HFK things), young god, her Serendipity tattoo. All of this, plus his references to his heroin binge going too far, seem to tie together with the song “Young God”. You can see (if you’re trying to connect the dots and get too emotionally invested like me) how in the song, he thinks he’s potentially going to die and she keeps reminding him that he’s “human tonight” and that the light at the end of the tunnel that he’s seeing is just the sun. Or the kingdom?

But my main point is that he’s HFK. Check the Badlands thank yous.

(This thread on Twitter provides a lot more information on Zach and how he ties in to HFK if you’re interested. I’m not going to put the info here because this person clearly worked hard to share this and I’m not gonna paraphrase and steal their thunder. But it’s eye opening.)

Then there are the bees…

We’d love to make an obligatory Arrested Development joke, but there’s no time for fun and games here. This is serious business. Halsey has tweeted about bees, changed her Tumblr layout to include bees, send out mail with a bee wax seal…she’s gone full bee. How that will tie in to the new era is still uncertain but…bees you guys. Save the bees.

And just to make everything more mysterious, the Twitter accounts.

A bunch of Twitter accounts popped up. Like a literal BUNCH. There are accounts for two fictional people (Luna and White Nite) and two fictional houses (House of Aureum and House of Angelus).

Let’s start with the information that pertains to all four accounts. They had photos up from Halsey’s HFK photoshoot before her announcement last night, so we know it’s legitimate. Also, one of the accounts was used to invite fans to her London listening party.

It looks like we’ve got a Romeo And Juliet situation unfolding here. Oh hey, wait, did I mention that a bunch of fans have been receiving handwritten R+J quotes from Halsey in the mail? That might…y’know, be relevant.

So back to the info. Luna is a member of the House of Aureum. White Nite is part of the House of Angelus. Luna and White Nite follow each other on Twitter, plus their respective houses. The Houses only follow the person in their house. This seems to reflect the R+J dynamic where the two were in love despite their families being sworn enemies. The fact that the houses don’t follow each other suggests they’re not close. What does it MEAN, HALSEY WE WANT ANSWERS.

The account for Luna has one tweet so far, and it’s a quote from a poem Halsey posted on Tumblr many years ago. The quote ends on Tumblr with “hands so bloody, tastes like honey” which is aNOTHER REFERENCE TO BEES. Luna’s house tweeted to stop sending letters (message from White Nite: @ me next time) with this photo. BEES.

The location on each of the accounts is set to “anorev”, which is Verona backwards. Like where R+J was set. Except it’s backwards. So is that saying it’s like R+J but…backwards? Upside down? Halsey has also been quoted saying “art is not what I create, I create chaos” so perhaps this is a world of chaos? Am I trying to tie more things into this than can possibly relate back to HFK? I HONESTLY DO NOT KNOW.

And how long has Halsey been teasing us with this info?

YEARS. LITERALLY YEARS. If the bees are supposed to just be an HFK thing, then that’s been going on since at least 2014. She’s been posting “HFK” since at least the Badlands thank yous, and has been talking about the Kingdom since before the album was even released. She changed her Twitter icon a while back to one where you could see a tattoo on her butt that said “hopeless”, and she just sold a very limited necklace on her store with the same word. There was a napkin that said “Fountain Drive” in the Colors video. I can no longer look at a single thing she says/does without wondering what it means. Did she sneeze? Is the next album gonna be about the common cold? I DON’T KNOWWWWW.

So here is my theory:

Halsey (Luna) dated Zach (White Nite). She wrote Room 93 about a specific part of their love spent in hotel rooms. She wrote Badlands about the darker parts of their relationship, the parts she wanted to escape and be free from. The mind space she did not want to be in. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is about the good parts. The parts that made them work, the poetic romance and the wild adventures. It’s about the kingdom she found within their relationship, where she lived with him and not for him. It felt like a story of forbidden love or a love where “these violent delights have violent ends”. Let’s not forget her R+J tattoo. Maybe this violent love had a violent end, and maybe that’s Badlands. Or maybe that’s to come in HFK. Maybe she ends up wanting to leave the Kingdom too. And maybe the kingdom was a beehive. Only time will tell. Until then, I’m gonna turn on notifications for Halsey’s accounts so I can continue my obsessive theorizing.

What info do you have about Hopeless Fountain Kingdom?

What are your theories?

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The most pure, truly good thing in music is when bands show appreciation for their fans, and no one does that better than The Maine. The band just released their video for “Bad Behavior”, giving us a lesson in Treating Your Fans Right 101.

We’re all for music videos with live footage and shots of fans in the crowd. The ~Arizona Emo Group~ took this up a notch by featuring footage from their very own festival, 8123 Fest. There’s something electric about seeing fans in a different environment. It’s not just a normal concert; fans met each other for the first time after this band brought them together, they saw all the spots in Arizona that the band has spoken about for the past 10 years, and they got to take in the spectacle of a hometown show.

We may or may not have combed the video to check for footage of ourselves… and we found our contributor, Sarah! You can find her around the 2:00 mark.

You can watch the video (or obsessively attempt to find yourself in it) below!

Did The Maine feature you in their new video?

No? Same here. 🙁

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Can’t Swim!!!

We uh…wow, we wanted to write an article telling you about how this is Can’t Swim‘s 3rd track off their upcoming album, Fail You Again. We wanted to tell you that the album is out March 10th and we’re busy looking for ways to steal it immediately because we can’t wait another 16 days to listen to it. But all we’ve got for you is incoherent yelling and heavy breathing because…Can’t Swim!! Can do!! No wrong!!

The band released “Quitting” today and that’s all we’ve got to say. Can you wait and ask us again after we spend the next 24 hours binge listening until we hate it?

Do you want to just go with us here and listen to the new track? I don’t think you’re going to get much more out of us today. We were super professional with the previous announcements but uh…yeah, that’s out the window. We’re officially Far Too Excited™️️ to keep it together.

You can listen to the new track below and if you’ve got time after that, you can help us force the band to come visit us up North Of The Wall via Twitter.


What’s your fave track so far off of Can’t Swim’s new album?

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It’s always a good day when SWMRS gives us something new to check out. Today, we’ve got their new video for “D’You Have A Car?”

If you haven’t seen the Princes of Oakland Surf Punk live before, this video will motivate you to plan your next road trip and cross it off your bucket list. Their live performance starts a five alarm fire in your heart that doesn’t go out until long after their set is over. We’ll be happy to relive the experience through this video until the next time they roll through our city.

Check out the video below!

What do you think of SWMRS new video?

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Fueled By Ramen seems very intent on amping up their roster in 2017, as All Time Low was announced as their newest addition this morning.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. The band has been signed in secret for over a year now. In the age of social media, what kind of band can keep a secret that big for that long?? Kudos to them. They’re hitting the ground running with new single “Dirty Laundry”, and have wasted no time with releasing the video as well.

It’s hard to tell how everyone’s feeling about the track – it seems divided between loving the new sound and hating the pop-friendly vibe. We’re really feeling it though, more so even if we pretend it’s a new band (we seriously miss Nothing Personal). They’ve been working towards a more radio friendly sound for years now, so this natural progression was no shock to us and we’re excited to see where it leads.

All Time Low has jumped labels a few times in the last few years, going from Hopeless to Interscope and back to Hopeless again. From what we read in Alex’s statement, it seems like the band has really loved Fueled By Ramen for a loooooong time (like 10+ years “long time”) so we can only imagine how exciting this is for them. We hope they find a loving home at FBR!

Check out the video for “Dirty Laundry” below.

What do you think of all this All Time Low news?

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New Found Glory have released “Happy Being Miserable”, the first single off upcoming album Makes Me Sick and uh…that name is not wrong. The accompanying video left our stomachs churning but lucky for us, the song makes the queasiness worth it.

If you’ve seen the classic coming-of-age film Stand By Me, you get a free pass to never look at a blueberry pie for the rest of your life. Hell, we wouldn’t be mad if you never wanted to enter another tent out of fear of these events unfolding before you. However, our love for pop punk forced us to relive this traumatic event yet again as the band stepped into the roles of Lard-Ass and his unfortunate pie-eating competitors.

If you’re like us and possess a sympathetic gag reflex, you might want to skip this video unless properly prepared. If not…the video is pretty funny and worth watching. Makes Me Sick is out on April 28th on Hopeless Records and we’re glad none of their preorder vinyl pressings match this video aesthetic. *gags*

Check out the video below!

What do you think of New Found Glory’s new video?

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We had the pleasure recently of catching up with Lisa Loeb to pick her brain on being a musician. Below are her top 6 tips for musicians, and even though we aren’t aspiring performers ourselves…I’ll be honest, we’re all feeling pretty inspired. ATB’s debut album dropping in 2018?

You can catch Lisa in Canada this week: tour dates & her new single can be found after her A+ advice!

6 Tips For Musicians with Lisa Loeb

1.  Practice what you do.  If you’re a writer, write. If you’re a player, play. If you’re a singer, sing.

2. Don’t be afraid to collaborate.  You can learn a lot from others and they can learn from you.  It’s also good company!

3. Learn the business of music.  You should know how things work so that you can contribute, ask questions, and make things happen.

4. Don’t be afraid to get advice or direction from friends or professionals who know what they’re doing.  Sometimes someone can listen to what you’re doing or watch your stage show and give you constructive criticism and a perspective on what you’re doing which can be very helpful.

5. Get sleep.  Women often multi-task. Generally it’s a good idea to sleep so that you can fully function.

6. For women specifically- be unapologetic, be opinionated, don’t take the back seat or think of yourself as less.

Tour Dates

Feb 16 – Tillsonburg, ON (Sammy Krenshaw’s)

Feb 17 – Oakville, ON (Oakville Centre For The Performing Arts)

Feb 18 – Ottawa, ON (Centerpointe Theater)

Lisa Loeb gives good advice. What advice would you give to musicians?

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Goodbye, Friends are a cosmic punk band and art project, made up of Dan Steinman and Clementine Marie. Currently residing in Toronto, the duo’s creations revolve around blending their writing, videos, photography, and music into one.

Dan & Clem are the definition of multi-talented. While some with this title adopt a “jack of all trades, master of none” mentality, these two are honestly fantastic at everything they do. From Dan’s skills with video editing and audio recording, to Clem’s poetry and reiki practitioning… literally, what can they NOT do? If there’s something on that list, we haven’t been able to track it down yet.

“Rest Now” is their first song off of their album happy/lost coming later this year.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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What do you think of the first single from Goodbye, Friends?

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