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Want episode 3 of Beyond The Barricade? Sure! 3-piece Toronto outlet Sure has made big strides in a short amount of time. In this instalment, you’ll hear all about the group’s inception up until now, how their creative process works and so much more. In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting episodes yet. Strap yourself in because Sure is about to take you out for a rip!

We sure can’t wait to see what Sure has in store for the future. Wait, don’t leave…sorry, bad pun.

But seriously, we’re very excited to see what these Toronto boys have coming up.

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Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario in their hometown of Oakville, Rob and Cole of Parkside tell us all for this installment of Beyond The Barricade. From their inception all the way until today, through every peak and valley, the boys lay it all on the table- but guess what? They had fun doing so.

Make sure to check out Parkside on Spotify!

Have you checked out Parkside yet? If not, here’s your chance!

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love lion

Uncle Frank

Love Lion

To be honest, this entire record has been topped off with a fresh batch of funk. Though each song is fully their own, the funk can’t be denied.

We all get that euphoric feeling when new music is discovered; it’s undeniable. For myself, that feeling was doubled upon listening to Love Lion, the new LP from Uncle Frank.

Hailing from Leicester UK, this 4-piece outlet consisting of Frank Benbini-vocals, Niam Cortazzi-guitar, Luke Bryan-bass, and Jnr Benbini-drums has mastered the craft of uniqueness, and Love Lion is proof of just that. Each track has a different feel and leaves you guessing what you’re going to hear as the album goes on. The opening and title track “Love Lion” is an in your face, badass rock and roll tune with a hint of funk and soul throughout the track. It’s the perfect introduction to the record. The next track is when Uncle Frank throw a curveball your way.

Fountains” brings in a entirely different sound than “Love Lion”. This track is driven heavily by booming synth and ever-so-sweet harmonies throughout. There is, however, one element tying this track to the previous track and that is the best f-word…FUNK. To be honest, this entire record has been topped off with a fresh batch of funk. Though each song is fully their own, the funk can’t be denied.

Alongside funk, you’ll hear elements of soul, new wave and indie. Tracks “Maximum Respect” and “Ku Ku Nu” hone in on the group’s funk influence while the song “Your Man” has a lot more of a soul element to it while still staying true to their funk sound.

The album’s third track “Hot Secret Lover” has to be the most unique on the album. This track is a southern gospel ballad. The tone of both the organ and the lead keyboard, combined with stellar harmonies and a sporadic horn section leaves you in a trance.

Love Lion in all honestly in unlike any album I’ve listened to. Such an eclectic mix of sound throughout makes it an great listening experience. No question about it, Uncle Frank have such a unique sound that is most definitely their own. With tons of radio play throughout the UK, it is safe to say that Uncle Frank can, and will, make their way to North American airwaves sooner than later. With summer just about here, adding Love Lion to your playlist is a must. I’ll be sitting on my hands until they make the trip over to Toronto.

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Hello friends! Stan Musial here. I am very pleased to be a part of At The Barricade with the Beyond The Barricade interview series.

What I want to accomplish with this series is to shine the spotlight on the best up and coming talents from the Toronto area and have them tell their stories. I want you to get to know these artists and to relate to them on a more personal level by hearing who they are individually.

I am a man on a mission: To find these artists and groups and bring them to you. From all genres and walks of life, Beyond The Barricade truly has no boundaries. Picture this; Story time and history time all at once, just more fun than when we had to at school.

Episode One- Matlock Expressway

For the inaugural episode of Beyond The Barricade, we get to hear the story of Matlock Expressway from Oshawa, Ontario.

Hearing from guitarist and vocalist Justin Dileo, you will gain some insight on how this pop-punk outlet went from humble beginnings to very big plans for 2017 and going forward. Justin’s stories are truly one of a kind so kick back and enjoy the very first instalment of Beyond The Barricade.

How sick is Matlock Express?!

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