Ed Sheeran steps into the ring for “Shape Of You” video

Ed Sheeran is back with a punch in his new video for Shape Of You.

In the first music video from his new album DivideEd finds love in what most would call a hopeless place-the gym.

Ed (literally) bumps into a badass woman who ends up being his boxing-buddy AND also a romantic interest. Double whammy.

Fast-forward through a super-intense training montage that would make even Rocky feel like he’s slacking.

Ed finds himself back in the ring again. Think “Fight Club” with a huge sumo plot twist.

To get you prepared, we’ve edited one of Ed’s lyrics to the video- “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the gym is where I go.”

Watch the video below to see what happens next!

Which new Ed Sheeran song if your favourite? Shape Of You or Castle On The Hill?

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