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I’m Only Dreaming

Released: February 17, 2017
Label: Equal Vision Records

As far as new music is concerned Eisley’s new album I’m Only Dreaming should be on your radar. This is the bands fifth studio album, it consists of 11 tracks with guest features from Anthony Green of Circa Survive as well as Max Bemis from Say Anything. Unlike past albums from the band this one changed the dynamic because Sherri Dupree-Bemis took on full lead singer responsibilities.

The album begins with the song “Always Wrong”. It’s followed up by lead single “Defeatist” and “A Song For The Birds” which features Max Bemis. The song deals with love with Dupree-Bemis singing “My love for you, don’t ever doubt”. The album takes an unexpected turn with the song “Sparking”. It changes up from Eisley’s classic indie rock sound and brings in electronic elements. While this is probably unexpected, it definitley works and the song sticks out from the rest because of the change up.

The other track that stands out is “Rabbit Hole”. This one is a smooth acoustic track which breaks the music down to the basics. It features only Dupree-Bemis and an acoustic guitar and that’s it. Lyrically, it combines elements from Alice In Wonderland by mentioning falling down a rabbit hole and also the clock that the rabbit has in the movie.

This album may have been a challenge for the band to make because of the lineup changes in the band but they made a killer album. It has all the elements that any Eisley fan would want to hear but also has new elements to it which will also excite any Eisley fans out there.

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