Evanescence Release Early Demo of “Even in Death” (2016)

We’ve had “My Immortal” on loop while we awaited Evanescence‘s return. It looks like we can hit pause now, because Evanescence is back!

With the February 17 release of their vinyl boxset The Ultimate Collection, Evanescence has released a new, early demo version of “Even in Death.” The track was written before the release of their 2003 hit album Fallen.

“Even in Death” is hauntingly beautiful in the way only Amy Lee can capture. Amy’s voice floats over the alluring but eerie piano, gradually growing more powerful and intense as the song goes on.

Vinyl fans can rejoice because The Ultimate Collection will feature FallenThe Open Door and Evanescence on vinylAs if that wasn’t enough, the boxset will also include the previously unreleased demo album Origin.

Evanescence played a few shows last fall, but Amy has been busy with her solo career, having released a children’s album titled Dream Too Much.

You can listen to “Even in Death” below!

Are you loving Evanescence’s “Even in Death”?

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