Heavy Colors

With the right promotion and little bit of luck, these guys will be household name in a few short years.

“Upbeat, high energy, and feel-good” sums up Flipturn to a T.

Hailing from Fernandina Beach, Florida, Flipturn is a rock band that brings on the good times, and their debut EP Heavy Colors shows us a great time.

I love when an EP starts off with the right song. In this case, that song is “Beep”. This is probably the second best song off the EP, just after “Vanilla”. All of the songs are great, so it’s really difficult to choose the “best ones”.

There is one thing that matters to me when it comes to rock music (or any music that uses guitar), and that is guitar tone. The tone on this EP is fantastic. It is absolutely the right kind of guitar tone that this kind of music needs. It is clean, but not “too clean”, and it perfectly matches with the rest of the instrumentation. This is especially true with the singer’s voice.

I swear, with the right promotion and little bit of luck, these guys will be a household name in a few short years. Let’s not forget the drummer, though. This guy is absolutely great. Just listen to his drumming on the outro of the song “Beep” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s like when a sprinter is giving everything in last few meters to finish in first place. It’s that kind of energy this drummer gives. 

As I already mentioned, “Vanilla” is the best song on this EP and there is only one reason for that – everything sounds amazing. The intro’s palm-muted riff sets up the foundation for a very clean, jumpy and melodic guitar riff. The rhythm guitar, just like the whole instrumentation during the verses, is fairly simple. This is great, though, because it opens up lot of “space” for the singer to show off his skills, and you know what? He uses this “space” well. 

Remember how I said that drummer did a good job on “Beep”? On the song “Cold”, he did an even better job, if that’s even possible. His drumming on this song is so complex that I had a feeling I was listening to a progressive rock song. Seriously, this band is full of very talented people, and the drummer is probably the most talented one. His drumming single-handedly carries this song giving it a very nice groove.

The EP closes with the song “Hypoxia”, and it is a perfect song to bring the album to an end. It makes me think of that moment when you say goodbye to someone, but you know that you will see him/her again.

So, when I said that the guitar tone of this EP is really good and is really “clean”, the same can be said for the production as well. It is very clean, which fits this type of sound pretty well. It is very polished but it’s not overproduced.

Overall, Heavy Colors is absolutely great and you should absolutely check it out!

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