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Funeral Advantage

Please Help Me

Released: February 24, 2017

There are so many opposing aspects to Tyler Kershaw’s EP “Please Help Me”. Maybe it’s the surprisingly upbeat dream-pop style mixed with the dark lyrical content. Or, maybe it’s the band name “Funeral Advantage” in contrast to the whimsical feelings the music gives its listeners. Whatever it is, it’s weird and we like it.

It’s our hunch that Boston native Tyler Kershaw has created this EP with opposing forces that (in all senses) shouldn’t go together. But, they do. The EP “Please Help Me” is not an album you listen to for isolated songs. The whole thing is one big emotion. There isn’t much difference in style and tone of each song, but that appears to be the intention. This dream-pop EP requires you to go on a bit of a journey that promises to take you into a different world.

If you are open to dreamy vocals and wanderlust beats, check this EP out on Bandcamp.

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