Kaptur Release “GO TO WASTE” EP

Kaptur released a 3 song EP on Friday and honestly, 3 songs is not nearly enough.

The 4 piece from St. Catherine’s describes themselves as “indie/rock/experimental”. While we can agree, it still feels like something’s missing. Maybe it’s a feeling of nostalgia, or maybe it’s the slight anxiety that settles in our chest while we listen… but there’s more to Kaptur than just “indie/rock/experimental”.

You may recognize lead singer Riley Jensen from his role playing lead guitar in Heavy Hearts. One of our favourite things about the music scene in Southern Ontario is seeing bands create side projects with other local bands or friends, and seeing how the music changes based on that. We’ve got a lot of incredible things happening here right now, and Kaptur is definitely one of them.

Check out the EP below. It’s only $4 and this weekend’s sales are being donated to the ACLU.

What do you think of Kaptur’s new EP?

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