Lady Gaga Brings Pop To The Super Bowl

The halftime show at the Super Bowl is a performance of a lifetime for most performers. Millions of people watch the show from their couches and thousands watch it live at the stadium. Lady Gaga had the privilege to play the halftime show this year and she did amazingly.

No one was really sure what to expect. From wearing a meat dress at the VMAs to showing up in an egg at the GRAMMYs, Lady Gaga has always been unpredictable. The half time show that she put on was powerful.

She started off on the roof of the stadium singing “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land”. She emphasized this words “this land is your land, this land is my land”, taking a dig at the political situation in America right now.

Once she was done with that, she dove down off the roof. She essentially flew – which isn’t surprising, because Lady Gaga is magical. All of the hit songs that she is known for were sang. The performance was powerful, complete with excellent vocals and dancing by Lady Gaga as well as lyric changes in “Born This Way”.

Lady Gaga used the platform that she had to deliver a message to the people of America and anyone out there that can’t currently enter into America. She let everyone know they are welcome.

The performance was completed in the best possible way: with a simple mic drop, and then Lady Gaga jumped off her steps into the black and disappeared.

You can watch Lady Gaga’s halftime performance here.

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