It [Melodrama] captures youth and depicts growing up, maturing and dealing with adulthood and everything that is concerning with it.

It’s been four excruciatingly long years since we had received new music from alternative-pop goddess, Lorde. However, on June 16, 2017, fans and listeners were given a second full-length album, Melodrama,  and it was definitely worth the wait.

Four years feels like a century in the music world when bands are constantly dropping singles and EPs in between full-length albums and new and fresh artists are vicariously coming onto the scene. When most artists wait this long, people begin to grow anxious and move on to the next musical genius. With Lorde, it is very different. EVERY ONE of her fans waited for her to perfectly craft her next musical masterpiece.

With the release of Pure Heroine, a young, unknown indie singer from New Zealand became the most popular thing in music overnight. With that success came a huge and loyal fanbase; a fanbase that waited and received an album even better than the last (who even knew that was possible?)

If you do not already know, Lorde wrote, crafted and recorded this album with Jack Antonoff. You may be familiar with this name from fun. fame, as well as his solo work with Bleachers. Antonoff is known for his lyricism and has quickly become a musician’s favourite in regards to production and songwriting. I am a HUGE fan of Antonoff and all of his work, but I won’t let that bias get in the way of Melodrama. However, nobody can deny the chemistry the two had to create such a phenomenal album.

Melodrama is definitely something different for Lorde. It captures youth and depicts growing up, maturing and dealing with adulthood and everything that is concerning with it. This album is not completely different in that it is a complete change. There are prominent elements of Pure Heroine still there if you listen closely.

As a fan of music, I hate giving albums a perfect score, because every album has its flaw and of course, each person will have a flaw in their eyes. Looking at Melodrama from an unbiased perspective, this album is pure genius. From danceable moments like “Perfect Places” to slower and more melodic spots like “The Louvre” and even vulnerable songs like “Liability”, Lorde has crafted an album that I can guarantee will be at the top of everyone’s list of releases from 2017.

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  • June 28, 2017
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