LPX Releases New Track “Tightrope”

Following the announcement of the brief break from the dream-pop duo, MS MR, Lizzy Plapinger now known as LPX, has come crashing through the door with her new “Pantone punk” single, “Tightrope”.

After six years of successful touring and two celebrated albums, Secondhand Rapture (2013), and How Does It Feel (2015), the single’s release is a welcome new addition to Plapinger’s work.

From MS MR’s creation to now, Lizzy Plapinger focuses on her growth as an artist with LPX. From every deliberate break in her voice to her powerful raw drive and passion, she shows nothing but strength in her vocal and musical capabilities.

LPX Releases New Track "Tightrope" //

While the quick paced lyrics of the verses are catchy and upbeat, it’s the song’s memorable chorus that encompasses her new punk rock vibe perfectly. The hard-hitting cymbal and guitar combo makes the song nearly impossible not to head bang and dance along to. If you can get through the chorus without moving, let us know because we can’t sit still.

Yet, out of all the ways to describe it, the only way to truly capture the essence of the song is from Plapinger’s own words herself. She tweeted: “IF YOUR EARS AREN’T BLEEDING WITH PLEASURE BY THE END OF IT YOU’RE NOT LISTENING LOUD ENOUGH”. If that isn’t a selling point for you to check it out, you aren’t listening loud enough.

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