Mac DeMarco Proves Every Dog Has Its Day

Slacker rock artist Mac DeMarco recently performed inside a dog grooming parlour and it’s just as adorable as it sounds.

With his recent two singles released off of his upcoming album This Old Dog, DeMarco flew over to East London’s Groom Dog City with Crack Magazine where he promoted and performed “This Old Dog” alongside pooches Foxton and Tilly.

The video, a stripped down version of the song, features the dogs getting groomed and fluffed behind DeMarco in ever so lovely VHS quality.

Before his performance, Mac states, “You may be asking yourselves, why? Why is Mac in Groom Dog City? Why? Well probably because the next song I’m going to play is called ‘This Old Dog’ and no, it may not be speaking about a real dog in the song. This is what my press will probably look like for the next two years.” We hope so Mac. We really hope so.

This Old Dog comes out May 5 but for now, you can hear “This Old Dog” and “My Old Man” here.

Check out the video below!

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