Mobina Galore – Feeling Disconnected

Mobina Galore - Feeling Disconnected review //

Mobina Galore

Feeling Disconnected

Released: February 24, 2017
Label: New Damage Records

I am ashamed that prior to this album review, I had never even heard of Canadian punk duo Mobina Galore, but let me tell you, I sure know who they are now. Following the success of their 2014 album Cities Away, the group decided to head in a different direction with their sophomore release Feeling Disconnected, and this album is not for the faint of heart. This is music for destroying your bedroom and tearing your posters from your walls because you’re just pissed off at the world and everyone in it. If Mobina Galore hasn’t been added to the roster of badass punk rock women who exude coolness (read: Sleater-Kinney, 7 Year Bitch, The Slits) that needs to change immediately.

Feeling Disconnected opens with “Start All Over”, a booming track about being “brokenhearted”, but having the determination to get your life back (or at least try). It is here that the listener is introduced to the theme of detachment that runs throughout the entire album. As the listener moves from tracks like “Nervous Wreck” and (my personal favorite) “Losing Time”, they are transported through a narrative that Mobina Galore has written where they are slowly coming to grips with insanity. From stories about feeling alienated from friends to being disregarded in a place one calls “home”, this album will have a song for everyone who feels like they’re having an existential crisis. Every track is an honest reflection of life and the messy days that occupy it.

This album is laden with crunchy, powerful guitars and fearless lyrics, which are utterly relatable. The instrumentation is messily charming and the vocals fill the listener’s ears with a sweet rasp that you won’t be able to get enough of. If you want to feel empowered, if you’re feeling pissed off, or if you’re just…feeling disconnected (sorry…I had to), put some red lipstick on, slip into your best “Females Are the Future” shirt, and play this album at full blast.

Be sure to catch them on their upcoming tour so you can shout every lyric to every song with them.

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