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The Velvet Face

Many people know Zac Farro as the incredibly talented drummer for Paramore, but he is also in another band called HalfNoise.

The Velvet Face is the newest release from HalfNoise and it is for sure something you should listen to. As a follow up to the 2016 album Sudden Feeling, this combines previous heard elements along with a surprise.

The EP has 5 tracks total and begins with “Scooby’s In The Back”. The song starts out slowly and quietly with a guitar and Zac Farro singing and then becomes upbeat and exciting. The song stays thrilling the whole way through and features a lot of different instruments which makes it a really interesting listen.

As U Wave” comes in full force, as Hayley Williams is featured on this track. This song is catchy right from the beginning. Farro sounds really awesome with all the instruments in the song. Williams jumps in around the 1 minute 30 second mark and sings a verse. She sings one of the coolest lyrics on the EP, which is “Dreaming was easier with you, but sometimes this life leaves you blue”.

The last two songs on the EP are “Someday” and the title track “Velvet Face”. “Someday” really draws you in as it has a really funky keyboard at the beginning. The funkiness keeps going through the whole song. “Velvet Face” starts out with a chill guitar part and a tambourine. Farro comes in singing really softly and he stays singing like that throughout the whole song. New instruments come in throughout the song which keeps it appealing and makes you keep listening all the way through to the end.

If you’re going to compare this to the past works of HalfNoise, The Velvet Face is one of the best. From the first track to the last track it keeps you listening and hearing Hayley Williams and Zac Farro sing together is probably something you didn’t know you needed in your life.

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Zac Farro from Paramore has released a new song called “French Class” with his side project HalfNoise. A follow up EP to their first album Sudden Feeling was also announced over the weekend; The Velvet Face will be released on March 24th.

If you are unfamiliar with HalfNoise, it’s nothing like Paramore. Zac Farro brings out his funky side in these songs and they for sure make you want to get up and dance. The track begins with a voiceover in French and then goes right into the music. The song features a heavy bass line throughout and some really awesome guitar licks as well.

Just like the past HalfNoise album dealt with breakups, this song keeps up with the relationship theme. Farro sings about how he can’t keep waiting for whoever he is singing about.
The song is now out everywhere. You can check it out below!


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