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New Found Glory have released “Happy Being Miserable”, the first single off upcoming album Makes Me Sick and uh…that name is not wrong. The accompanying video left our stomachs churning but lucky for us, the song makes the queasiness worth it.

If you’ve seen the classic coming-of-age film Stand By Me, you get a free pass to never look at a blueberry pie for the rest of your life. Hell, we wouldn’t be mad if you never wanted to enter another tent out of fear of these events unfolding before you. However, our love for pop punk forced us to relive this traumatic event yet again as the band stepped into the roles of Lard-Ass and his unfortunate pie-eating competitors.

If you’re like us and possess a sympathetic gag reflex, you might want to skip this video unless properly prepared. If not…the video is pretty funny and worth watching. Makes Me Sick is out on April 28th on Hopeless Records and we’re glad none of their preorder vinyl pressings match this video aesthetic. *gags*

Check out the video below!

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It seems to be a big day for record deals in the alternative scene, as Super Whatevr just announced their signing to Hopeless Records this afternoon.

The band describes themselves as “happy tunes for sappy dudes”, which we can verify is completely accurate. They’ll fit right in with the likes of All Time Low, Moose Blood, and With Confidence.

We’re excited to see a full length release from these guys – who were running a GoFundMe mere months ago to raise funds for this exact reason – but we’ll be listening to the re-release of their Good Luck EP in the meantime. You can catch them on tour with Drug Church from March 23 to April 2, including a performance at So What?! Fest in Texas.

You can check out their video for “Good Luck” below!

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