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As far as live shows go there are a lot of things that can be done to make a show great. Twenty One Pilots is one of the best bands by far at putting on an amazing live performance. They have all the lights and confetti that one could want in a show and then there’s more that they do to make the show memorable.

Twenty One Pilots recently played at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA for two sold out shows for the second leg of the Emotional Roadshow. The show had new songs and elements to it that weren’t present in the first leg of the tour. Building up anticipation seems to be a strong suit for the boys as they began the show with the pre-chorus part to “Fairly Local”, dropped a curtain and went straight into “Heavydirtysoul”.

Frontman Tyler Joseph moved around the arena a lot. At one point to the audiences surprise, he ended up in the nosebleed seats singing “Hometown”. Moving back down to the normal stage, “Heathens” was played along with a medley of “House Of Gold/We Don’t Believe What’s On TV”. Tyler and drummer Josh Dun then ran over to the B-Stage and played their cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Cancer” along with a few other songs. During “Cancer”, the arena was lit up with the lights from everyone’s phones and the room was filled with the voices of 18,000 people.

“Holding Onto You” was next, followed by the covers portion of the show. “Car Radio” was the final song before the encore and it was awesome! Tyler went up to his tower at the back of the arena, and then he and the audience sang the final verse the song.

“Goner” and “Trees” were the final two songs for their encore. “Trees” is always one of the best songs to hear live. Tyler gives a speech before he starts the song and he let us all know that he sneezed for the first time ever during a song at the show. After the speech, the song is played and then towards the end of the song Josh and Tyler climb out on top of the crowd and drum together.

The last words you hear at a Twenty One Pilots show stick with you, those words being “We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you”.

There’s really no other show out there quite like TOP. Hearing everyone sing along to a song all at once is one of the coolest things ever. If the boys are ever in your neck of the woods, don’t miss them. Stay Alive |-/

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Have you been to any of the Emotional Roadshow dates?

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