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Lights, camera, action! Lights is back, and she can now add “Comic Book Creator” to her lengthy and impressive resume.

Our favourite Canadian  lady has released a new song called “Giants”, and it’s the first song to be released from her upcoming album Skin and Earth. Pretty cool, right? Wait for it, because not only is there a new album coming from Lights, but she also wrote a COMIC to go along with the album.

The comic tells the story of a girl who lives in a post apocalyptic future. Lights said in a tweet that “Giants takes place in issue 5. The video hints at things to come without giving away what is really a pivotal point in the story”. The first issue of the comic was released on July 14th.

“Giants” starts out with a pounding piano beat in the background and Lights singing. The chorus is where the song picks up and it changes into this very uplifting, powerful sounding song. Later on in the song around the 2 minute 30 second mark, there’s a very cool part that is going to get everyone pumped when its played live (listen to it yourself and you’ll just know) Overall, the track is very catchy so it’s going to be stuck in your head for days, so get ready.

Lights has consistently released awesome songs and I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album. This is a song you don’t want to miss and your ears won’t want to miss it either. Skin and Earth comes out in fall 2017.

Okay…we didn’t think Lights can get any cooler, but here we are! What are your thoughts on her new song?

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If you are a person looking for a musician that makes really good electro-pop music and also owns a giant black cat then look no further. Lights is the musician you’ve been searching for.

At the age of 18, Lights moved to the 6ix and legally changed her name from Valerie to Lights. She has released lots of music over the past 10 years of her career: 3 studio albums, 2 acoustic rendition albums and 2 EPs.

She just finished up touring for her latest acoustic album Midnight Machines, which was the acoustic reworking of Little Machines. Midnight Machines featured 6 songs that had been previously released and 2 new songs. She is now working on her next album!

Last month, Lights released a song called “Warrior”. The song was created by an EDM musician named Steve James and she performs vocals on the track. She calls the song her “personal pep talk pump up jam”. We’d have to agree that the song does pump you up and makes you feel like a warrior.

As we all eagerly await a new album from Lights, we would recommend diving into her back catalog. If you have no idea what to check out first, we’d recommend the song “Face Up”, the whole Siberia acoustic album, and the song “Don’t Go Home Without Me”.

The very last thing that makes Lights so cool is her giant cat Stanley. He’s pretty much as big as she is and he looks like a very nice cat. She has pictures on her Instagram if you want to see.