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As if we needed more reasons to love the boys from SWMRS.

Bands just starting out know all about the struggles of getting the word out about their gigs. It’s frustrating and stressful at times, but SWMRS and the Uncool Records team have started a wicked incentive to help bands connect with fans and spread the word about their upcoming shows.

The Uncool Record Report (@TheUncoolReport on twitter) is managed by SWMRS bassist and Waterloo Teeth vocalist Seb Mueller. The Report is a useful way of not only networking with bands around the world, but also spreading the word about their upcoming gigs.

Getting featured by the Report is easy-peasy; all you need to do is shoot them an email! Make sure you include as much information relating to the show in your email and a show flyer if you have one. Once they receive all the info, your event will be featured on their twitter account. Pretty badass, if you ask us.

Not only does the Report broadcast shows across the world, but they also keep you up to date with Uncool Records artists. So if you’re into Waterloo Teeth and SWMRS (obviously), it’s also another way to discover new music which is a serious advantage.

Resources like the Uncool Record Report are paramount and vital for helping our scene grow and adapt a positive, inclusive environment. We can’t wait to see what these guys have planned next.

Email and have your band featured on the Uncool Report!

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It’s always a good day when SWMRS gives us something new to check out. Today, we’ve got their new video for “D’You Have A Car?”

If you haven’t seen the Princes of Oakland Surf Punk live before, this video will motivate you to plan your next road trip and cross it off your bucket list. Their live performance starts a five alarm fire in your heart that doesn’t go out until long after their set is over. We’ll be happy to relive the experience through this video until the next time they roll through our city.

Check out the video below!

What do you think of SWMRS new video?

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SWMRS.  Yes, this is indeed the name of the beach-punk, alternative, modern rock, I-don’t-even-know-how-to-describe-them-because-they’re-so-good band of 20-somethings that are making incredibly enticing music like nothing you’ve heard before.  So good, in fact, you’ll find yourself running out of breath trying to read all of the adjectives crammed into sentences about them.

Immediately upon discovery – via a photo on Twitter, might I add -I was drawn to these guys. They just appeared so cool. Maybe it was the green hair, or the clothes that screamed “I don’t care about your opinion on the way I express myself.” They looked like a band who had purpose and determination, a reason for creating with passion engraved into their music. Whatever it was, I was digging it. I obviously needed to check out their sound too.

I’ll admit, I didn’t fully listen to their debut album, Drive North, right off the get go. In fact, I started with their first single off the album, “Figuring It Out.” Within 30 seconds I knew that I wasn’t going to be listening to anything else for a looooong time. It made me feel so connected to the music, especially with lyrics like “Internet scams and waistcoats, we’re just scapegoats all too dumb”, and “Was I made to function, or create, or just get bored?” I related to it in a way that I’ve never related to music before. In fact, I was so excited, I called one of my friends and screamed into the phone about how amazing it felt to finally discover real, raw talent again.

Following my excitement over “Figuring It Out”, I immediately dove into Drive North. Tracks like “Harry Dean”, “Brb” and “Uncool” prove themselves to be fast-paced, upbeat tracks that generally just make you want to run around and scream at things (but in a good way, of course.) With lyrics following the desire to let loose and carve your own path, these guys could have easily been the stereotypical pop artists you hear on mainstream radio. Instead, lead vocalist Cole Becker’s almost-raspy, relatively-low, yet highly-intriguing vocals are layered over guitar tracks and drum beats you’d find yourself listening to while moshing in a pit at some punk-rock beach festival with a bunch of high strangers. Mixing blatant (but still pleasing) screams with lyrics that make you want to go out and do something in the world, SWMRS prove that they know how to get their message across to the right audience.

drive NORTH

The most attention-grabbing song on the album is “Miley”, which is about, you guessed it, Miley Cyrus. However, instead of contributing to some of the bashing and critical ridicule Cyrus has received over the years, the track takes a stance in opposition to that of the majority of the general public, showing listeners that it is acceptable to disagree with popular opinion. Sounding like it’s being directly played off a mid-80’s record player, the song progressively increases its tempo and is exactly the kind of music your teenage self needed to hear after a blowout with your parents. At the same time, it’s the song you’ll find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs in the shower as you wash out the new hair colour it inspired you to try, and it’s absolutely brilliant.

If screaming about pop stars isn’t your thing, Drive North manages to incorporate a number of slower, more acoustic, but equally as fun numbers such as “Miss Yer Kiss”, “Ruining My Pretending”, and “Hannah”. With simple chord sequences and ample sing-along ability, these songs are what you’ll find yourself jamming around a campfire to, likely with your new friends who share the same compassion for “quality talent with important messages” as you.

Title track “Drive North” closes off the album, and does full justice in going out with a bang. Once again equipped with pleasant screaming and mosh-worthy guitar and drum tracks, this song is probably the greatest ending to an album, like, ever. It’s completely exhilarating and will make you want to spray paint everything in your apartment. And in the streets. And all over billboards. In a good way, I think.

SWMRS are the band that the music scene needs now, and Drive North is the album that needs to be in everyone’s library. Incorporating messages that need to be heard, but doing so in a way that doesn’t make you want to rip your eardrums out, basically puts this album at the top of the “All-Time, Greatest, Most-Important Things Ever” list. Seriously, it’s ear-heaven, and the best thing to hit 2016.

Have you listened to SWMRS’ Drive North? Thoughts?

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Uncool Records is bringing us a new band to be obsessed with- Waterloo Teeth.

Waterloo Teeth is like an Uncool Records supergroup of sorts. SWMRS‘ Seb Mueller fronts the band with Joey Armstrong on the drums. Jakob Armstrong and Enzo Malaspina of Danger rock the rhythm and lead guitar.

Their first song “Big Green Lawn” sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a weekend full of adventures with friends.

The band also announced that they would be joining Bash & Pop for a few shows along the west coast. You can find the dates here.

Check out their new song below!

Are you digging Waterloo Teeth?

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