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Long Live

VISTA is as if Queen formed in the 21st century.

VISTA is an American duo from Long Island, NY that consists of vocalist Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida. Their sound has clear influences from bands like Paramore, Queen, Bon Jovi etc. This may sound weird, but let me explain. Their songs tend to have a very big and over the top sound reminiscent of Queen and Bon Jovi. I’ll put it in these terms- VISTA is as if Queen formed in the 21st century.

Long Live opens up with “Allegiance” (check out our review of this track here!) This song is an interesting mix as it has parts that are little bit overproduced and under-produced. What I mean by this is the violins fit beautifully with the song, but the bass comes across as a bit muddy.

On the track “Inside Anxious,” Hope gives a charismatic performance alongside simple instrumentation. There is a staccato part of this track that stuck out to me, but not in a good way. I felt as if it interrupted the perfect flow that this song would have had otherwise.

By far best song of the EP is song “Hellbent“. This song is basically “Inside Anxious” without that vocal stacatto part. It has great buildup and Hope’s vocals give this song a very “singalong” effect. On top of this, the instrumentation is borderline amazing.

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Released: May 18, 2017

VISTA is an American rock band consisting of frontwoman Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida. They combine long-loved arena influences to create and define a new, modern-day sub-genre in the alternative scene: anthem rock.

Before this song, the duo had released their Versus EP and new single “Henchman”. Listening through their catalog, I realized how much potential this band has. All the songs are very memorable and on “On The Brink,” Greg Almeida showed us that he can write fantastic guitar solos. Hope’s vocal performances are borderline amazing; on some parts of  “Mansions,” she even reminds me of Floor Jansen (lead vocalist of Finnish metal band Nightwish).

Last week, VISTA released their new single, “Allegiance”. So is “Allegiance” any good?

“Allegiance” isn’t good, “Allegiance” is amazing. Easily their best song so far.

Right from the start, this song has something not many rock songs do – though they should – and that “something” is cello. It sets up the perfect mood for this song with its dark tones.

The guitar work on this song is nothing complex and mind-blowing, but it serves the song in the best way possible, especially during the first minute and later parts where it has more presence in the mix.

Hope’s performance on this track is better than anything else in their catalog. Her vocals are charismatic and her performance in the chorus is amazing.  She sounds really commanding and carries the chorus, which is easily the best part of the song. It’s very catchy and it gets stuck in your head very easily.

Overall this song is outstanding. Definitely worth putting on repeat, just like the rest of VISTA’s catalogue. Here’s hoping we see them become a household name in the alternative scene because they totally deserve it.

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