Teen Suicide- Bonus EP

bonus ep

Teen Suicide

Bonus EP

Release: November 12, 2016
Label: Run For Cover Records

You may have noticed Maryland bedroom pop band Teen Suicide’s new release Bonus EP sounds surprisingly vastly different from the signature raw, low production quality sound they’ve steadily maintained since the band’s formation in 2009, and that’s because it totally is. (Or you may not have noticed the release at all, as its release created hardly any buzz even from its own producers. In which case, you’re in for a treat).

Released as b-sides to their previous 26 song LP It’s The Big Joyous Celebration, Lets Stir The Honeypot, Bonus EP closely follows the predominately electronic and upbeat composition of its mothering album. Straying far away from their former signature raw, often melancholic lo-fi sound.

This compilation of b-sides is certainly not below par to its mama album. Rather than sounding like tossed aside b-sides, this album comes off more as a compilation of songs that are just better suited on their own conceptually. With many traces of their former gloomy sound on It’s The Big Joyous Celebration(…), Bonus EP is a catchy pop album through and through. This is especially apparent on “Lost Cause” which was my sunny day car ride anthem for weeks after the EP’s release in November.

Any owners of a physical copy of the album (released on vinyl, cd, and cassette) may have also noticed an insert modestly accrediting “all songs written, recorded, played, etc by Sam Ray”.

Soooo, we bid farewell to John Toohey and Alec Simke, better known as J2 and Torts. For now. The bands only remaining member seems to be Sam Ray-who created the band-which explains the dynamic shift in sound, much more closely resembling his solo project Ricky Eat Acid. This is also because this compilation was initially created to be released under that project.

However, you can catch Teen Suicides’ past bass player John J2 in his current indie pop band Us and Us Only (check them out here!), releasing a full length album on Topshelf Records in the Spring.

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