The most pure, truly good thing in music is when bands show appreciation for their fans, and no one does that better than The Maine. The band just released their video for “Bad Behavior”, giving us a lesson in Treating Your Fans Right 101.

We’re all for music videos with live footage and shots of fans in the crowd. The ~Arizona Emo Group~ took this up a notch by featuring footage from their very own festival, 8123 Fest. There’s something electric about seeing fans in a different environment. It’s not just a normal concert; fans met each other for the first time after this band brought them together, they saw all the spots in Arizona that the band has spoken about for the past 10 years, and they got to take in the spectacle of a hometown show.

We may or may not have combed the video to check for footage of ourselves… and we found our contributor, Sarah! You can find her around the 2:00 mark.

You can watch the video (or obsessively attempt to find yourself in it) below!

Did The Maine feature you in their new video?

No? Same here. 🙁

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