As if we needed more reasons to love the boys from SWMRS.

Bands just starting out know all about the struggles of getting the word out about their gigs. It’s frustrating and stressful at times, but SWMRS and the Uncool Records team have started a wicked incentive to help bands connect with fans and spread the word about their upcoming shows.

The Uncool Record Report (@TheUncoolReport on twitter) is managed by SWMRS bassist and Waterloo Teeth vocalist Seb Mueller. The Report is a useful way of not only networking with bands around the world, but also spreading the word about their upcoming gigs.

Getting featured by the Report is easy-peasy; all you need to do is shoot them an email! Make sure you include as much information relating to the show in your email and a show flyer if you have one. Once they receive all the info, your event will be featured on their twitter account. Pretty badass, if you ask us.

Not only does the Report broadcast shows across the world, but they also keep you up to date with Uncool Records artists. So if you’re into Waterloo Teeth and SWMRS (obviously), it’s also another way to discover new music which is a serious advantage.

Resources like the Uncool Record Report are paramount and vital for helping our scene grow and adapt a positive, inclusive environment. We can’t wait to see what these guys have planned next.

Email and have your band featured on the Uncool Report!

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