Video Premiere: Former Faces – No Good Reason

If you’re a fan of bands like Tame Impala or old movie footage, then today’s your lucky day: Former Faces has brought us a beautiful combination of both.

Ryan Parmenter has created a soundscape that feels like a dream and a bad acid trip all at once. The bongos keep rhythm in your mind as the ethereal vocals float overhead.

Better than just a great track, it fits perfectly with its video. The song builds an uneasy feeling as we try to decipher what’s happening. And wait a second, what IS happening?! We honestly can’t confirm. Ryan used old 70’s film to put the visuals together and from what we can tell, they seem to have papier-mâché’d this woman into a demon. But everyone has those days, right?

We’ve been listening to this track on repeat – and keeping an eye out for high fashion nurses carrying craft supplies – and now we’re excited to share it with you below!

Warning: a little NSFW, very hard to explain video concept (+ naked woman) to your boss

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Photo credit: Ian Flanigan

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