Long Live

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VISTA is as if Queen formed in the 21st century.

VISTA is an American duo from Long Island, NY that consists of vocalist Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida. Their sound has clear influences from bands like Paramore, Queen, Bon Jovi etc. This may sound weird, but let me explain. Their songs tend to have a very big and over the top sound reminiscent of Queen and Bon Jovi. I’ll put it in these terms- VISTA is as if Queen formed in the 21st century.

Long Live opens up with “Allegiance” (check out our review of this track here!) This song is an interesting mix as it has parts that are little bit overproduced and under-produced. What I mean by this is the violins fit beautifully with the song, but the bass comes across as a bit muddy.

On the track “Inside Anxious,” Hope gives a charismatic performance alongside simple instrumentation. There is a staccato part of this track that stuck out to me, but not in a good way. I felt as if it interrupted the perfect flow that this song would have had otherwise.

By far best song of the EP is song “Hellbent“. This song is basically “Inside Anxious” without that vocal stacatto part. It has great buildup and Hope’s vocals give this song a very “singalong” effect. On top of this, the instrumentation is borderline amazing.

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