Punk, new-wave, edgy and fresh; when  All words describe Wolf Alice’s new song titled, “Yuk Foo.” Fans of this London-based band have not had any new music from Wolf Alice since June 22, 2015, when they released their stellar debut album, My Love Is Cool. The debut was truly something special. Whether it be their unique guitar riffs, their powerful female lead singer, Ellie Rowsell , or just their too-cool persona, Wolf Alice is definitely bringing back the punk infused new-wave sound to modern music.

“Yuk Foo” is the lead single for their upcoming album, Visions of a Life, which is due to drop on September 29th. The track begins very loud with an electric guitar up to its max volume, but not being played. If you know the sound, you know it’s excruciating, yet extremely cool when you realize where this song takes you next. The song then goes on for almost three minutes filled with an angsty Rowsell yelling out lyrics in typical riot grrrl style. In short, this track sounds like Sex Pistols mixed Bikini Kill, but a tad more polished. In Wolf Alice’s previous material, they come off as a very ambient indie rock band, who happen to get heavy every now and then. This song sounds nothing like My Love Is Cool yet it still sounds very Wolf Alice

In case you didn’t know already, this band is signed to Dirty Hit Records. In the past they sounded like a typical Dirty Hit band, quiet indie rock. However, with the introduction of this song, they are truly destined for even more success. I believe that with the release of their new album in September, Wolf Alice will definitely blow up by the end of next year. This band has SO much potential to gain fans from other alternative sub-genres, not just indie rock.

If you already love Wolf Alice or would like to get into them, they are coming on a small North American tour, starting July 5th and ending on July 26th.  I have had the pleasure of seeing them once and they always manage to give it their all when performing! I HIGHLY recommend going to see them if they stop in your town.

Are you loving Wolf Alice’s new track?

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