Paramore posted some cryptic updates this afternoon, but it didn’t take us long to ~decode~ them.

Zac Farro Returning To Paramore //

The band’s social media accounts all posted the above GIF this afternoon, prompting a shriek to be heard around the world as everyone realized simultaneously it was Baby Zac Farro. Back in the summer, he revealed he’d be tracking drums for the new album, but it seems like his return is something more permanent.

He originally left in 2010, along with his brother and guitarist Josh. He accused Hayley Williams of treating the band like they were “riding on the coattails of her dreams” so uh… glad she was able to put that one behind her, I guess.

Along with this comes a t-shirt proudly displaying Baby Zac, because of course there is. However, there’s some interesting information when you look at the “release date”.

Zac Farro Returning To Paramore //

I’m not sure about you but my clothes don’t usually have a “release date”, which makes us think this might be happening in line with another release of sorts. It seems like the album has been close to done for a while now, so it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Whether that’s an album, a single, or just the t-shirt… we’ll be waiting very impatiently to find out what’s up on February 27th.

Do you think Paramore is releasing something at the end of February?

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