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3 Ways to Throw Yourself a Punk Rock V-Day

Written by Keyena Smith

Do we even need to start a #valentinesdayisoverparty or is it obvious? Either way, let’s continue to shift the meaning of this day to some good ol’ self love! Here are some tips on how to spend your day!

 Listen to music

If you haven’t yet, go listen to the playlist made by Paige, Carley and Kelsey called “Valentine’s Day SUCKS” on Spotify! It ranges from JoJo to PUP and covers everything else in between. Rage or tears, however you feel – you don’t have to feel it alone.

Take a social media break

(Except for ATB, of course) It doesn’t have to be for long, but sometimes social media is intrusive and can capitalize on our moods. Constantly getting updates about other people’s lives without physically seeing them can trick you into feeling isolated, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Treat yo self

Who says someone else has to buy you flowers (or hair dye)? Whether it’s bleaching your clothes or putting rose petals in your bath- just do what you want to do today. Nothing is more punk rock than that.

Although Valentine’s Day is usually just a day of high expectations, break them all down and remember that at the very least, Valentine’s Day is about love. So love yourself!

Who do you love this V Day?

Is it Pete Wentz? We’re willing to bet money that it’s Pete Wentz.

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