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4 Independent Artists/Bands You Need to Check Out

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Marko Galic

Being a musician is a very hard thing. It takes years of practice and dedication to master your instrument and I don’t even need to mention how hard is to become a full time musician. I wanted to shout out a few independent bands that are worthy of more recognition.

Destiny Potato

Yes, their name is Destiny Potato. Even though their name is pretty silly, their music is outstanding. It’s very hard to describe. They took the sound that PeripheryMeshuggah and SikTh pioneered. Destiny Potato have released only one album so far, titled LUN. Even on this album they tend to shift their sound. Very clean production, great hooks, very complex guitar and very melodic vocal parts characterize their sound greatly.

Red Handed Denial

Red Handed Denial is a progressive metal/djent band from Toronto. So far they have released 2 EPs and one full length album and have a new album coming out this year. With every new release, they have set the bar for themselves very high. Their debut album saw them combining multiple genres from pop punk to post-hardcore and mixing them into one unique sound. The amazing Lauren Babic fronts the band and has proven that she can do both clean and screaming vocals very well. The two guitar players, Chris and Aleksei, lay down some very complex but great guitar work. Overall, Red Handed Denial is one of the most promising independent bands at this moment and I would like to see them gaining more attention because they totally deserve it.

David Maxim Micic

Remember Destiny Potato?  Well, it is time to talk about solo project of a man behind Destiny Potato – David Maxim Micic. His solo stuff does not sound that much different from Destiny Potato, although there are some minor differences with the presence of the guitar. David sometimes incorporates bits of jazz like on his BILO III EP. In my opinion, this EP is his best so far and it’s an absolute masterpiece when it comes to instrumental music.

Marcela Bovio

Marcela Alejandra Bovio García (born October 17, 1979 in MonterreyNuevo León) is a Mexican soprano singersongwriter and violinist. She was one of the founding members of the Mexican band Elfonía. She appeared on two Ayreon albums (The Human Equation and The Final Experiment) and fronted another Arjen Lucassen project called Stream of Passion, where she played violin. Marcela sang backing vocals on two Epica albums (The Quantum Enigma and The Holographic), and some songs on The Gentle Storm. All in all she is a well respected vocalist in the music industry.

In September 2016, she released her first solo album, Unprecedented. It’s a classical inspired album where all instrumentation is performed by a string quartet. Marcela’s operatic vocals fit the sound in such an amazing way. Unprecedented is easily one of the best albums I have ever heard in my life and I would definitely recommend you to check it out. 

Which independent bands do you listen to?

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