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4 Stories from BADTALKERS

Posted on 3 m read
Written by the members of BADTALKERS

 There are a lot of aspects that go into discovering music. Whether you hear a song in passing, see a super cool album cover or have a friend recommend a new band or artist, you can’t deny that first impressions are important. So, when we heard LA-based indie/alt group BADTALKERS described as “if the Beastie Boys covered the Pixies”, we were immediately hooked and needed to hear more!
And what better way to get acquainted with them than by learning what got them so involved in music? Back story is important — as anyone who watches Westworld can attest to — and knowing more about how BADTALKERS came to be has definitely left us feeling more connected with their music. Songs like their new track “No Pity” (you can hear it below) reflect on the current state of the world, specifically the communities the band members were raised in. They channel the struggles they’ve witnessed into their music, and… honestly, we’ll just let them do the talking. Read on.

Richard (vocals and guitar for BADTALKERS)
I grew up in a very multicultural and diverse community and it taught me a lot on how to express myself. All I’ve ever done is music, starting from a very young age. The neighborhoods I grew up in were filled with hardworking people, gang related violence, drugs, the struggles of trying to fit in, and my own experiences in that world have been the main focuses of my art among other things. We could barely afford any instruments in my home growing up but I always worked with what I had and always felt the ambition to get my art out there for everyone to hear.

Danny (guitar for BADTALKERS)
I come from a long line of mariachis on my moms side. When I was 8 visiting Mexico, my grandfather went out to go play for drunks. I didn’t know how to play at the time but I wanted to go play with them (they didn’t let me, obviously), but I eventually ended up teaching myself how to play around age 12. Since then I have been in and out of bands, some with Richard (our singer). I gave up and sold my equipment for half a year, but later realized I wanted to do music for a living. We only live once and it’s probably the only thing I feel like I’m above average at, so let us play for you drunks!!!


Matt (bass for BADTALKERS)
Music has always been something that encompassed me since a very young age. Getting snuck into ska gigs at 10 by my aunt, and being the lead trumpet player in my middle school, I was always interested in all things music. My dad played bass, and I chose that instrument to gig with, and now I find myself in this project several years later. I’ve been in a band since I was 16, and I don’t plan on stopping my musical journey any time soon.

Christian (drums for BADTALKERS)
In the last handful of years, I’ve worked in the business side of music, doing marketing for established pop artists from Alessia Cara, to Fifth Harmony, to Iggy Azalea. I’ve been exposed to very dark sides of the music industry, from working with money driven executives to walking into cocaine crushing off a toilet seat in the bathroom of the Soho House. Slowly, I started to lose sight of the purity in music. So I decided to bring myself back into the creative side of music, and use my strengths in marketing to help BADTALKERS. It has brought me down to the ground floor, and BADTALKERS is something that I’m constantly excited about. Something I haven’t felt in a long time.

Check out BADTALKERS’ new track “No Pity” below!

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