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9 Indie Pop Artists Who Deserve Your Attention

Written by Zac Walters

While there are plenty of new, refreshing and creative artists currently in the game, there are without a doubt some we believe deserve more attention. You should probably save these to your library now, because soon they will be taking over the world (we promise).


One thing that could make 2017 better than it has been is a full-length LP from HANA. The release of her self-titled EP last year, including hits such as “Clay” and “Avalanche” prove she is ready to make it to the top. Her song “White” is a perfect blend of ethereal pop and captivating lyrics, and let me tell you WE WANT MORE. HANA, where you at girl? (also she is the sweetest human ever, I, Zac, can vouch).


Sofi de la Torre

If you are sleeping on Sofi’s music, what are you doing with your life? With killer tracks like “Flex Your Way Out” featuring Blackbear, and the bop “London x Paris”, Sofi de la Torre is a force to be reckoned with. One of our fav songs is the standout song “19 in Mexico”, showcasing her resonant vocals and rad production, easily making it a song that deserves to be on repeat.

“19 in Mexico”:


Left. is powered by vocalist Sarah Corry and guitarist Jono Graham, a duo hailing from Sydney, Australia. While their catalogue of music is already impressive, it is one that justifies the need to be renowned universally. The track “No Way” exhibits an infectious dance beat with dazzling lyrics. The line, “this is my body and it’s not yours, you can never take me by force”, is raw; making us want to scream and dance along with everything we have within us.

“No Way”:

Pillow Person

Amid only having a limited amount of songs currently out, Sarah Jones a.k.a. Pillow Person has perfected her driving and pulsating electro-pop songs; leaving her footprint on the industry. Every track brings a futuristic sound and bumping choruses and “On Your Way” provides just that. With the perfect and catchy beat breakdown in the chorus, Pillow Person will without a doubt get your shoulders moving.

“On Your Way”:


Hailing from the supreme label PC Music, GFOTY (Girlfriend of the Year) has not been shy when it comes to experimental tracks and toying with different types of music. From tracks like the heavy experimental “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It” to the more subdued “Heaven”, GFOTY is someone that music needs now more than ever. Her latest masterpiece has a track on it for everyone, experimenting with different platforms of music with rock electric to dark synth and the song “You Don’t” is the perfect blend from the album. (Also check her music videos, they are incredible).

“You Don’t”:


Fresh to the music game, TYSM, or Thank You So Much (duh), recently introduced herself to the world with her track “Honeymoon Phase” and we have one word: explosive. The experimental electro-pop genre is starting to become more noticeable from artists like Terror Jr. and Kiiara, and TYSM proves she should be there, soaring high alongside the rest. This is only the beginning from TYSM, and it makes us excited to see what’s going to come next.

“Honeymoon Phase”:


Sixteen-year-old, Australian rapper has self-proclaimed that she is the “Hannah Montana of the rap game” and claiming that title is completely fine with us. Mallrat’s Uninvited EP, was nothing short of excellence with every track illustrating pure talent. The lyrics on one of our favourite tracks, “Tokyo Drift” are amusing, yet sentimental. Talking about the classic High School Musical and playing songs from 2012, it really makes us want to travel back in time and do it all again.

“Tokyo Drift”:

Audrey Air

Audrey Air, a young artist from Brooklyn, NY, only has three songs circulating the net, yet all of them demonstrate perfection. One of the three tracks, “Strawberry Syrup Sixteens” is a dreamy synthpop song with soothing vocals, making it a classic already. This girl is going to be bigger than ever and we can’t wait to watch her grow.

“Strawberry Syrup Sixteens”:

The Aces

The Aces, better known as “four girls about to rule the world”, currently have one single, but hit the nail on the head with their debut. The indie-rock influenced pop track is sharp and catchy, exhibiting something timeless and fun. It is the perfect roll down your window, toe-tapping summer sing-a-long. All we want to know is where are The Aces at? We need more goodness soon, please!


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