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A Day in the Life of Polaroid Summer

Posted on 4 m read

Written by Micaiah Walker of Polaroid Summer

As a new band (started in 2017) we don’t (YET) have many or any epic stories or wow moments. There was this time we saw a guy on the news who was caught on camera robbing a house and he was wearing a Polaroid Summer Shirt, but that’s not really a feel good story.

I was planning to talk about how The Rocket Summer’s Do You Feel album changed my life as a kid/young musician. However, just last week, two days after receiving this interview request we received a comment from a new fan following a concert that was really cool! But rather than just reading you the comment, allow me to set up the scene and everything that led to it.

Polaroid Summer

March 19th 2018

6:12 AM, Houston TX

Most musicians (including me) stay up late and typically sleep later than the average person, so waking up at 6:12 AM after not being able to fall asleep until around 1 AM was not idea, but we had an 11 AM sound check for a show in Tyler, TX (Which is about 3.5 hrs away from Houston). Polaroid Summer is a new band but we have all been in the industry since our teenage years and have made a lot of great relationships, one of which is with a booking agent who specializes in booking with colleges and universities. This particular day, we were performing at Tyler Junior College (TJC). The thing with playing these college shows is you never really know what to expect- could be 20 people or 2,000 people. We’ve played both ends of that spectrum but most of them are around 150-200 people.

11:04 AM, Tyler TX

After loading up the trailer and making the drive we arrive at TJC just in-time to unload all the equipment, set-up & sound check. Any band will tell you this stuff is not fun, plus it was early on a Monday. I apologize for all the complaining, I am actually an extremely optimistic person but I just want to make sure you guys get the real picture. Not everything about being a Rockstar is glitz and glamour.

12 PM (noon), Tyler TX

We are just about ready to start playing and the event seems like a bit of a bust. There’s loads of free pizza, casino tables set up, and it’s a beautiful day! But still, only around 10 people there including the students who helped set up and are working the event. You add in everything that has lead us to this point and now this. Lucky for us, we love to perform regardless of the situation and one thing I’ve learned over the years is you have to perform the same for 5 people as you would for 50,000, so that’s what we did and a few more people started coming. By the time the hour had passed there was closer to 35–45 people (mostly students) in the crowd who had stopped on their way between classes to listen. The people who were there were extremely nice and had a lot of great things to say about our performance. We proceed to meet and talk with as many of them as we could, take a few pictures, and then load-up the gear and drive back to Houston.

You dream of becoming wildly successful and performing for thousands everywhere you go but the reality is its not always like that, especially when you are new. You have to start somewhere but it’s hard not to let the negativity slip in after a day in which you spend 7-8 hrs driving, 1-2 hours loading and setting up equipment, all for an hour long set in front of maybe 40 people…

March 20th 2018

11:53 PM, Houston TX

The next day we received a comment on YouTube under our new music video for our new single “TIDES” that read as follows…

“Tbh I just found out about y’all when y’all performed at TJC. But I love your music. I was in the greenhouse taking care of the plants and hadn’t planned on coming to the concert. But after y’all started I heard your music over my headphones, and I loved it. I put up my headphones listened to y’all while I watered the plants and went out to see y’all perform as soon as I was done. Even if I didn’t get to watch most of it, the parts I heard were amazing! So happy I was at the greenhouse or I would have missed y’alls performance. I wish y’all absolutely the best and can’t wait for more music from y’all. I already added your songs to my playlist on spotify. ♥”

Honestly reading that comment shut out that little bit of doubt & negativity that was trying to creep in and made me know without a doubt the entire day was worth it. For us, every fan/person matters greatly and we are nothing without each one of them.

Listen to Polaroid Summer’s new track “TIDES” below!

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