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Artist Spotlight: Bibi Bourelly

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Shasha Abushara

You know when you hear a song and you just know you’re gonna totally binge on that artist’s music? Same, because that’s me pretty much 110% of the time and then those music binges turn into me discovering new artists and wanting to do nothing except support them and get others to love them too! If you’re anything like me and love seeing the writers behind some of the most popular songs branch out and start singing their own songs, then you’re gonna love Bibi Bourelly.

Her style is this catchy as cooties mix of alternative R&B and soul that creates a sound so uniquely her own you can’t help but vibe along with. At only 22 years old, she’s signed to Def Jam Records, released 3 EP’s and 5 singles of her own, and helped pen chart topping singles for artists like Rihanna and Usher. On top of gaining her well deserved recognition, she toured with like Rihanna and Haim during the summer of 2016 before she embarked on her “Free The Real” tour.

She’s been releasing music on her personal YouTube channel , as well as her Vevo. Bibi is beyond talented with a voice unlike anyone else. She tells stories from such a unique perspective and I honestly cannot wait for her to release more music.

To be honest, her song “Riot” is arguably one of my favorites because not only is she talking about how important it is to see where you fit in the grand scheme of things, but how we all come together because of how vast everything is. The message in the music video’s description is as moving as the video itself and I genuinely hope you all enjoy Bibi’s powerful and evocative music as much as I do.

Bibi is beyond talented with a voice unlike anyone else and stories from a unique perspective inherently her own and I honestly cannot wait for her to get all the recognition she deserves. Trust me when I say that you should definitely keep Bibi Bourelly on your radar.

Are you digging Bibi’s music?

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