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Artist Spotlight: Palaye Royale

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

Self-described as fashion-art rock, Las Vegas based trio Palaye Royale are about to find themselves in the scope of some of our favourite labels. Blending indie pop and punk rock into a contagious sweet treat for your ears, these guys should definitely be on your radar. Catch ‘em while you can – they’re about to do big things at supersonic speed.

Originating from Toronto, Canada, members Remington Leith (lead vocals), Emerson Barrett (drums), and Sebastian Danzig (guitar, organ) formed Palaye Royale in late 2011. Releasing their first studio single “Morning Light” in 2012, it’s video racked up 20+ million views on YouTube, and may we add – rightly so. 2013 saw fans, who call themselves “The Soldiers of the Royal Council”, began to pop up more frequently with the release of EP The Ends Beginning, in addition to single “Get Higher”. The single – which saw itself featured in a highly popular Samsung Galaxy Note commercial, made the trio the first ever unsigned act to partner with Samsung branding. Impressed yet?

In 2014 Palaye Royale saw themselves in the running to become champions of MTV’s “Musical March Madness”. Still unsigned and voted into the contest by fans, Palaye Royale came out on top (beating out the likes of bands such as Linkin Park, Vampire Weekend, Bastille, and Coldplay).  In the end, they became the first ever unsigned act to win the competition.

The band’s first full length release Boom Boom Room (Side A) (which, by the way, is an absolute banger) made waves in June of 2016 – instantly swallowing listeners into a Royal Council pit of no return. The 15-track masterpiece, which is the purest of artistic genius in every form, has something for everyone. Whether you’re a classical-loving cellist or angst-y guitar-shredding metal head, Boom Boom Room, we promise you, will not disappoint.

When they’re not being featured in commercials or winning MTV music competitions, the Palaye boys are likely expressing themselves in some other creative form. Whether it is working on their own music videos (yes, their OWN music videos), creating art films, or writing, editing and publishing a real, actual paper newspaper exclusive to fans, Palaye Royale are what’s poppin’. And not just their music. They’re artists to be respected in an outstanding number of forms.

So… Palaye Royale. Check ‘em out, get hooked. You can thank us later.

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