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Bad Suns take on Jacksonville

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Ava Butera

To give a little background info about the events leading up to the show, I flew up from Miami, FL to Jacksonville, FL just so I could get the chance to see this band. Bad Suns has been one of, if not my favourite band for about four or five years now. Bad Suns is what got me into the indie/alternative music scene and I always missed them when they travelled near my city. So this time I was determined to do whatever it took to get to see them.

After waiting out in the freezing cold (37 degrees!! That’s cold for Florida!) for about three and a half hours, the intimate bar with 300 cap finally began to let everyone in. Even though I waited outside for FOREVER I was still around 100 people back, so when I went into the venue, I wasn’t barricade, but settled for standing on top of a bench the whole night. Not my ideal location, but this venue was super small and the stage was legitimately on the floor, so the spot I chose was rather decent.

The opener was an indie band called From Indian Lakes. FIL is very chill, simple, indie music. I’ve never heard of the band previously, but lead singer, Joey Vannucchi’s stage banter and presence was definitely something that made me instantly fall in love with this band. Definitely go check them out and support small bands! The just released a new album in October and it is stellar!

When FIL finished about an hour later, Bad Suns approached the stage with an interesting and fun light intro. As soon as drummer Miles Morris sat down at his drum kit, and began playing the intro to “Disappear Here”, the band came into full swing and the crowd went absolutely insane. Right in this moment, I knew that this would be the best show I would ever witness.

The band then continued on with “Patience”, a favourite of mine off of the new album and transitioned into playing a bunch of songs off of their first record, Language and Perspective. Throughout the first half of the show, I was captivated by the band’s infectious stage presence and musicianship. Their instrumentation was definitely on point and lead singer Christo Bowman’s dance moves were the funkiest I’ve ever seen.

For the encore, the band first came back with “Rearview”, a boppin’ track that got that crowd moving. Bowman even came into the crowd to sing the upbeat tune. Shortly after, they played “Heartbreaker”, a crowd favourite and second single off of the newest album. Finally, they closed out the show with “Salt”, the song that made Bad Suns who they are today.

After the show, I got the pleasure to meet the band and they sure as are genuine as their music. They were incredibly grateful that I flew up to JAX to see them perform and were extremely nice and down-to- earth.

Seeing Bad Suns the other night was not only a fantastic night, but also an amazing experience and everyone should take the opportunity to see them, if given one. The Heartbreak Tour is wrapping up now, however, their upcoming Outskirts of Paradise Tour kicks off in June, so be sure to catch them then!

Have you seen Bad Suns perform?

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