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Beach House flood The Beacham

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Marimar Toledo

Dream pop makes me feel a type of way and last night was straight up magical.

 Touring around before their Bsides and Rarities record drops on June 30, Beach House brought over a flood to The Beacham in Orlando. Yes, I mean a flood as in a lot of us were emotional and possibly crying.

Starting the show off fairly early, doors opened at 6 p.m. and openers Louie Louie came out with gorgeous kimonos adorned with long glittery strips which moved along with each girl-rock member of this band. Truthfully, before shows I like listening to the openers music before to see if it’s something I could get into. I totally forgot this time but am happy I didn’t because it was an experience in itself hearing this band for the first time.

Thanks to prior fumes inhaled and their old school 60’s beach rock vibes, I felt transported to a different era. Every song these Philly girls played felt like I was inside the Scooby-Doo episode where the gang attended a zombie rock concert. Very halloweeny, very spoopy and even girl empowering with their repetitive “What a man can do” jam everyone around me immediately caught on to and started chanting. Their debut album, Friend of a Stranger, recently came out and they definitely had a lot of stage presence so hopefully we can see more of them in the years to come.

Once the Philly-based band left the stage, it was a bit of a wait before Beach House came out and a struggle due to no concert etiquette with some concert attendants. Life tip: If you’re with a huge crowd, don’t push toward the front because you “see someone you know.” The oldest trick in the book isn’t actually that effective, OK? Mini rant over.

As I mentioned earlier, the band was playing an earlier show and came out around 7:45, immediately setting a hazy, dream-like mood for the rest of the night with “Levitation” off of 2015’s Depression Cherry. Did I get overwhelmed by emotions? Possibly. Did a little tear form in the corner of my eye? Of course. It felt unreal to me and as each keyboard chord played lighting up the stage in different sections and then all together during the pre-chorus. I felt lifted, shifted and higher than the ceiling.

From the moment I wake up, I listen to music constantly queuing songs to suit my mood but when it comes to Beach House, I feel like I can just let go and feel a moment or space I’m in. That’s not a common feeling for me with other bands.

For visual reference.

Continuing the show with other fan favorites including two classics for me “Take Care” and “Space Song,” the whole room seemed so fixated by the emotional music swooning but also possibly weeping at lost love, new love, good ol’ times and just whatever deal they had going on.

Lead-singer Victoria Legrand swung her head and swift hair truly feeling the moment and guitarist Alex Scally held his head low concentrating on every beautifully intricate guitar note as it spread like a soft yet loud brushfire over the crowd. The stage lit up perfectly with every song backed by magical stars flickering on and off in a pastel haze.

Ending the encore on a beautiful note with “Myth”, fans belted out this last track with pure emotion knowing they were “momentarily bliss” if only for a bit.

Have you seen Beach House in concert before?

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