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Boston Manor Eats Their Vegetables

Posted on 3 m read

Rachael Braverman

Music is the most important thing in my life, there is no way to go around it. Listening to an album for the first time that absolutely blows you away is the best feeling I could fathom. This is what I felt with the alternative group Boston Manor. I had first found them back in 2015, with the release of their EP Saudade, but four songs couldn’t hold me for too long.

Hearing that their record Be Nothing. was coming out in late 2016, I couldn’t have been more excited to hear more of what they were really made of. Thus, my favourite album of all time was released. Ever since, I have been completely obsessed with this band. I’ve seen them five times this year alone, and they surely are aware of the fact. Every single time I’ve seen them it’s been magical. No amount of bruises I accumulate during their sets, or below-freezing climates I’ve waited in to see them could ever change that.

To recap my meetings with them this year, I saw them on the Moose Blood spring tour, three times on the Vans Warped Tour (RIP), and on the recent Have Mercy tour (in a church, might I add). All of which, I was front row, so they certainly saw me going insane. During Warped Tour, I ran into Mike everywhere I went. At this point, he knew me by name. By the third time I’d met them, he’d introduced me to the whole band. He was so sweet to me and I really appreciate what caring guys they really are. By my third date of Warped, it was actually the day before Henry’s birthday, so I had to do something. I made a card, and got the most American food I could find, and even brought a bag of broccoli with me for a hilarious photo-op. Now, they all know me by name, and also remember me by the broccoli, which is kind of hilarious. Strange, but still funny.

Boston Manor & Rachael Braverman

Jumping forward to the most recent show I attended of theirs, on November 11th in Philadelphia, as soon as they got onstage I got a wave from Mike, and added “It’s you! You’re back!”, and got different acknowledgements throughout the night from the rest of the members. At the end of the set, Ash handed me the setlist and said, “To go with your other one!” which was a really cool thing for him to have done. Although I wasn’t able to stay until the end of Have Mercy’s set to meet Boston Manor, I was able to talk to them briefly while they were putting their equipment away, and they were asking me how I’d been since the last time I’d seen them, and talking about future tour plans and anything else with me, like old friends would do. It makes me happy that they are so down to earth and nice with their fans.

If you get the chance to support this band, please do. Stop by their set at shows, and say hello, because you might just fall in love with them like I did.

Boston Manor & Rachael Braverman

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