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Finding Inspiration Through Tom DeLonge with Break Out Day

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Andrew & Jason of Break Out Day

In June of 2006, our older brother, Jeff, was playing the Angels & Airwaves album We Don’t Need to Whisper in his room a lot. The album had been released the previous month and he was constantly playing it. One day, he called us into his room and played us the first song from that album, called “Valkyrie Missile”. As we were listening, one of us said “the singer sounds like the guy from blink-182.” Our older brother told us that it was and that this was his new band. After hearing the song, and then the rest of the album, our lives were changed. It was so different than anything we had listened to previously and it sparked a desire to change who we were as people and sparked our passion for music. That summer, we both would listen to that album to and from our jobs as camp counsellors. Jeff continued to show us music from his favorite bands such as blink-182, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, and so many more. By that fall, we were no longer kids obsessed with sports. Our parents bought us each our first guitar. We would play our guitars as soon as we got home from school and all day on the weekends. The common themes of rebelliousness, being different, having fun, and relationships found in songs from these bands resonated with us. We began wearing clothing from brands our favorite musicians wore and/or founded. We were so deeply immersed in this territory that was new and exciting for us. Fast forward to 2018 and here we are with our own band that’s released two EP’s and the road to get here started in our older brother’s room listening to Angels & Airwaves.

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