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Listen To FRANK IERO and THE PATIENCE’s New EP “Keep The Coffins Coming” Here

By Kelsey Coles and Paige Williams, an ATB Double-Whammy Special Feature

Long before At The Barricade was even an idea, the two of us met on Tumblr way back in 2011. We bonded over our shared musical interests and ended up meeting at Warped Tour (y’know, the safest place to plan to meet a stranger). One of the first big moments in our friendship was meeting …

6 Bands Proving the Canadian Rock Music Scene Needs More Attention

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

Listen – Being a * totally * non-biased, Canada-based website comprised of numerous Canadian writers, it’s acceptable for us to feel that some of our small-time Canuck rock heroes aren’t getting the international attention they might deserve. Whether it’s alternative, hardcore or another of its never-ending list of forms – Canadian bands are doing rock right, and not just in …

10 Tips for Record Collecting

Written by Tori Price

It’s no secret that record collecting has become extremely popular within the last few years. Not only is it a cool collection to build, but there’s something so awesome about being able to hold music in your hands (especially with those cool colored pressings).

So, let’s say that you want to start a collection, but you don’t know …

Fangirls, Sexism, and Abuse, OH MY!

Written by Ava Butera

Picture this: You’re having a blast at a concert, screaming lyrics to your favorite songs and someone mutters the wretched term “fangirl” under their breath. Has this happened to you before? Okay, how about this: You hear a group of guys discussing “harder” bands like Metallica and you chime in to mention how you enjoy their music and the group …