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How To Deal With Stress at Concerts

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

The past month has been a rough one for the music scene after the attack that took place in Manchester, England on May 20th. When an attack on music like this happens it affects the whole music community. While you may feel incredibly anxious and stressed about going to another concert, it’s important to know that music is still a …

9-to-5 Job Skills To Adopt As A Musician with TRACE

Posted on


 It’s really easy for us to write about skills that are beneficial for musicians to have, or things every musician should do/say/think/eat… but wouldn’t you rather hear it from an actual musician? We got to speak with indie-electro artist TRACE about how she incorporates her 9-to-5 job skills into her music career. We hope you find her tips as helpful as we did. You can listen to …

Tips For The Pit – Concerts 101

Written by Jonelle Mandseth

Concerts. Your grandma loves them. Your cat loves them. Everyone loves a good concert, and honestly, who wouldn’t? Concerts, however, come in many different sizes – and it seems that the best ones (in a totally genre-biased way) tend not to have seats. Which isn’t a bad thing, for the most part.

Behold the have the general admission …