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Alex Fucking Smith is The Merch Life

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel from city to city, slinging merch for your favourite band? Enter Alex Fucking Smith of The Merch Life.

Alex is living the dream of anyone who’s ever gone to a concert and thought “I wish I could do this every night”. As you can imagine, there’s never a dull moment for Sleep On It’s resident merch guy. Lucky for …

The Canvas Foundation is bringing art back to schools

Written by Rachel Leonard

Every summer, the Vans Warped Tour takes off across the country, bringing fan-favorite and up-and-coming musicians to fans everywhere. The festival also attracts vendors and non-profit organizations that aim to share their messages with teens in the scene. The Canvas Foundation has been traveling with Warped Tour for multiple summers sharing their message and working to provide funding for art …

9-to-5 Job Skills To Adopt As A Musician with TRACE

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 It’s really easy for us to write about skills that are beneficial for musicians to have, or things every musician should do/say/think/eat… but wouldn’t you rather hear it from an actual musician? We got to speak with indie-electro artist TRACE about how she incorporates her 9-to-5 job skills into her music career. We hope you find her tips as helpful as we did. You can listen to …

6 Tips For Musicians With Lisa Loeb

We had the pleasure recently of catching up with Lisa Loeb to pick her brain on being a musician. Below are her top 6 tips for musicians, and even though we aren’t aspiring performers ourselves…I’ll be honest, we’re all feeling pretty inspired. ATB’s debut album dropping in 2018?

You can catch Lisa in Canada this week: tour dates & her new single can be found after …