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Up-And-Comer Spotlight : Sure

Posted on 2 m read

Listen up, dudes. I’m always on the hunt for some stellar local talent, so when I stumbled on to Sure, I knew I hit the jackpot.

Not only is this trio from Toronto, but their music is something that I personally find unique to the local scene. While they only have one recorded song out right now (check it on Spotify!), you can just tell that these guys are on to something big.

During my first listen of their track “Brittany“, I definitely felt some of those feel good, party-til-your-face-falls-off FIDLAR, Waterloo Teeth vibes that I’ve so recently grown to love (Can we make party-til-your-face-falls-off.mp3 an actual genre?)

Sure currently has two tracks up on their Bandcamp page, one being a live recording of their song “Bored”. I know some people need a few songs before they can really form an opinion on a band or artist, but honestly in this case two songs is all you need. Through “Brittany” and “Bored” you can tell that these guys are having a fun time writing music and performing together, and that is a (major) key.

Not only is “Brittany” a killer track, the music video is one you absolutely cannot miss. If you’re in Canada you probably know about #EatMyFaceSegal. Basically, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Noah Maloney (@zestynoah on twitter) is eating a photo of Jason Segal everyday until the actor eats one of him (this is 100% real. No fake news here. Nope, none at all.) WELL, they got Noah to star in their first music video and let me tell you, it’s wild from start to finish.

Keep up to date with Sure on Facebook and Twitter. You can listen to their music on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Watch the video for “Brittany” down below!

What are your first thoughts on Sure?

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