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The Pros & Cons of Live Concert Streaming

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

Twitter has recently announced that they are partnering with Live Nation to live stream concerts over the social media platform. The first show to be streamed is Zac Brown Band on May 13th. Other concerts to be streamed include those from Portugal, The Man, Train and Marian Hill. While this might sound cool, there’s definitely some pros and cons to live streaming shows.

The Pros

Let’s start with the pros! We all know that going to a concert can be a hassle sometimes. From traffic and parking to crazy lines and bad seats, there are lots of factors that go into your overall concert experience. Of course, watching a live stream concert would eliminate all of that, making it possible to watch your favorite band from your couch in your PJ’s (now THAT right there sounds pretty nice.)

Those who live in rural areas just know the pain of never being anywhere close to your favourite bands/artists’ tours. But, streaming could fix this! Instead of traveling hours across the country, you could watch the show online. While this would be fantastic for small town folk, it can help expand an artist’s audience and reach and also gain new fans.

And finally, an aspect that has been a somewhat troublesome issue for the last 10 years or so- phones at concerts. You know the deal. You’ve got a pretty sick view of the band, but the person in front of you hasn’t put their phone down since the opening band. It’s one thing to snap a photo here and there, but were sure that you absolutely do not need 164527 blurry photos taking up space on your phone.

The Cons

Now, the cons. Going to see a band is an experience that absolutely wouldn’t be the same from your couch. For example, seeing Twenty One Pilots in person is so much more fun than seeing them from a computer screen. You can’t enjoy the emotional thrill of singing along to a song with 10,000 other people, clapping to the beat and screaming your lungs out from behind a computer (well, you technically can, but if you have roommates we advise against this.)

Live streaming shows could potentially reduce the amount of people attending shows, which in hand would be damaging for bands/artists. Lower attendance at shows means less production, touring and less money in general for bands. 

Finally, you may find yourself a lot more distracted watching a show online vs. actually being there. The internet is a distracting place and you may find yourself not paying attention to the show and instead paying attention to your Facebook page. Especially if Twitter and Live Nation choose to monetize these shows and start charging viewers to watch, then you definitely would want to close those tumblr tabs.

Last Thoughts

From an artist’s standpoint it would be super lame if people just stayed home and watched the concert. instead of coming out to shows. The whole point of a concert is for people to experience it and see their favourite artists in person. Also, a cool thing to consider is when an artist or band is playing a sold out show, they know all the people in the audience are there because they love your music, and nothing can replace that.

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