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How To Deal With Stress at Concerts

Posted on 2 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

The past month has been a rough one for the music scene after the attack that took place in Manchester, England on May 20th. When an attack on music like this happens it affects the whole music community. While you may feel incredibly anxious and stressed about going to another concert, it’s important to know that music is still a safe space. You shouldn’t stop supporting your favourite bands and enjoying live music because of this attack. There are some things that you can do to help get over your fears of going to another show.

Research the venue

In order to familiarize yourself with the concert venue, go to the venue’s website. Read through all the information they have about the venue and any security information that’s there. If you get emailed specific details about security, it’s important to read through them and know how the process is going to work when you arrive. Remember that concert security is going to be more strict than what you may be used to. Being aware of the security regulations that are being put in place to ensure that you have a good time are key. Knowing what to expect security wise when going into a show should help eliminate some nervousness.

Talk about it

Try to go to shows with friends or family that you trust 100%. Talk to them about any stress or anxiety you may have about the concert. Being open with your friends and family about your feelings and comfort can be greatly beneficial for you, and it’s also important that they understand what’s going on. Being honest with yourself or talking with a friend can help elevate any stress or worries you may have. If you are going to a concert alone, it’s a good idea to text or call someone once you’ve arrived/when the show is finished. Making plans to meet at a specific area in case you get separated from your group is a fantastic plan as well. 

Enjoy yourself

Music is proven to relieve stress. While at a show, remember exactly why you wanted to go to that show in the first place- to see the band or artist perform. We can find a certain solace in music, so if you do your best to focus on those positive feelings, you may find yourself much more at ease. It may be tough, but putting your energy into enjoying whoever is on stage can be liberating.

Concerts are one of the coolest experiences ever and seeing your favorite artist live is something that stays with you forever. As fans, we will make the music community stronger than ever. Don’t ever stop going to shows.

How do you de-stress at concerts?

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