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Dearly Watched “Annie” & It Changed Everything

Posted on 1 m read

Written by Dearly

When I was in first grade I saw the movie “Annie” and it changed everything for me. I went from being very shy and only speaking to family members, to writing poetry and expressing myself through poetry readings and song. For me, this was a huge shaping moment in my music career (even though it happened at such a young age)- I just really connected with the songs in the movie and it inspired me to open up and be more creative. Flash forward to now, I’m 23 and the elementary school days are way in my past. I have a full blown indie pop project called Dearly and just dropped my debut single “Get With You Alone”. If I had never seen the movie Annie, I don’t think I would be doing music in the same capacity at all. It might not seem like a movie can be so defining, but for me it was a game changer and helped to shape me into the artist I am today. Sometimes I find myself humming old songs from the movie and it makes me smile: a little reminder of how I got my start in music and how far I’ve come today.

Check out Dearly’s new single “Get With You Alone” below!

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