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Fans react to Paramore’s new song “Hard Times”

Posted on 3 m read

Written by Madeline Cronin

Waiting for Paramore to drop new music has been a crazy process. There’s been lots of lunch eating, lots of teasing on Twitter by Hayley Williams, and the fans have been waiting anxiously. Finally, the band has dropped the first single from upcoming album After Laughter (out May 12th) called “Hard Times“. The song has some serious 80’s vibes going on.

Something that I’ve noticed over the past 4 years of being a fan of this band is the community that the band has created. I like a lot of different types of music but with Paramore specifically, it’s not just being a fan; it’s being part of a family. There’s people from all over the world that have something in common because of their mutual love for Paramore. I decided to ask some fans what the band means to them. Here are some of the responses I received:

It means being a part of a family that is always changing but manages to stay together

Being a Paramore fan is more than what it sounds. We have a community & family built around this band. When I’m emotionally at my worst, Paramore & the para-family always picks me up

To be a part of a community. To feel loved. To worship the music TOGETHER and share thoughts and feelings. To be able to learn lessons from the band and their experiences. To be ONE.

That I can look up to people who have gone through struggles and still managed to fight through it which inspires me every single day

So much! So much that I can’t even put into words. I’ve been rocking with this band since 2007, and I don’t plan on stopping. Even if this new album flops or doesn’t do well, I’ll still be rocking with them because their music has helped me through so much in my life. I hope they know how much their music has touched so many fans worldwide, including me.

Paramore means the world to me. I would do anything for that band. Always going to be there through the good times and the “hard times”

Being a Paramore fan is something I can say proudly. They’re such an amazing and talented band who give out so many positive messages in their music. Seven years down the line and there hasn’t been a day where I’ve been ashamed to be a “fan.” but an amazing thing about Paramore is that they don’t see us as fans, rather a family. They are some of the genuinely nicest people and I’m so glad that there are people as amazing as Hayley, Taylor and Zac in the industry.

I have been a Paramore fan since I was 11 (now 16) and the past 5/6 years of being a fan has taught me so much. I have been able to express myself in so many ways, been inspired to learn an instrument and start a band and more importantly be able to enjoy life and not care what anyone else thinks all because of this one band. Being a Paramore fan means the world to me and I couldn’t love any other band the way I love them

I put this question out on Twitter and I received a lot of responses, more than I could fit in this article. Knowing that music can create such a tight-knit bond between people is one of the things that I enjoy most about it. The whole parafamily is incredible and I can’t wait for the new album!

What do you think of Paramore’s new sound?

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