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Listen To FRANK IERO and THE PATIENCE’s New EP “Keep The Coffins Coming” Here

By Kelsey Coles and Paige Williams, an ATB Double-Whammy Special Feature

Long before At The Barricade was even an idea, the two of us met on Tumblr way back in 2011. We bonded over our shared musical interests and ended up meeting at Warped Tour (y’know, the safest place to plan to meet a stranger). One of the first big moments in our friendship was meeting Frank Iero together after his last Toronto show with the Cellabration – which reminds us, what’s the deal with that? Is he coming back? But meeting Frank, someone who left such a mark on our adolescence before either of us even knew the other existed, created a bond. Neither of us will ever remember that moment without the other in it.

So it only felt right to come together and quietly listen to his newest EP together, just like last time.

Keep The Coffins Coming is the metaphorical middle-child of albums, with its sole purpose serving as the ligature that stitches the band’s debut album Stomachaches (2014) and their sophomore album Parachutes (2016) together to create one cohesive and provoking body of work.

The four-track EP comes at you in sporadic waves and vulnerably leaves no stone unturned. The songs touch on everything from friendship to confronting societal standards, to unconditional love and the troubles of being the No Fun Club’s CEO (tough gig.)

With Keep The Coffins Coming, Frank is now able to scratch an item off his bucket list- record with Steve Albini. You may remember Steve from his work with such musical acts like Nirvana and the Pixies (We hope you read this in Troy McClure’s voice.)

It’s interesting to hear a new take on songs like “I’m A Mess” and “BFF” through Albini’s lens, and to finally have “No Fun Club” in our hands? It’s like magic. For the intended use of this EP – to join together the different eras of Frank’s solo career – it’s exactly what it needs to be. Short and sweet, to the point, and it gets us prepared for whenever he announces the next full length as Frank Iero and the _____?

Fun Fact: If you take a closer look at the cover of this EP you may notice a slight change in the band’s name. Although this album is released under the name FRANK IERO and the PATIENCE, the cover introduces them as FRANK IERO & the PATIENTS. The change is a clever play on words that makes light of the band’s accident in Sydney, Australia last year.

What do you think of Keep The Coffins Coming? What is your favourite track? 

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